Plus, your hot takes on hot dogs.
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🐛Feed your ex to the birds

Plus, your hot takes on hot dogs.

Happy Friday, folks. 

We’re starting today off with an update to yesterday’s hot dog quiz. I asked at the end of the newsletter whether or not Portillo’s is really as good as everyone says it is. According to 53 percent of quiz-takers, that’s a heck yes, while 26 percent of you humored me and responded with “What’s Portillo’s anyway?” 

But where y’all really shined was the 60 percent of you who settled the age-old debate that no, a hot dog is not a sandwich. 

And when I asked you to fill in the blank (typed to the tune of that old Jewel song), “If I could tell the world just one thing about hot dogs, it would be…”, y’all really delivered. 

“They also taste good with coleslaw.” — Erik D. 

“Bow down to the superior corndog.” — Ashley Z. 

“Portillo’s is the absolute best in the world. I’m from Chicago, so I should know. Nothing beats Portillo’s special beef dogs  —and forget the ketchup. I can’t wait to have one nearby. Lord help my cholesterol.” — C. Watson

“Try a bagel dog. Thank me later.” — Laura B. 

There you have it folks: Orlandoans know a good hot dog when they eat one. 

Let’s keep rollin’ with the feel-good vibes today, shall we?

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What Orlando is talking about

🍄 Florida might be joining the ranks of states who’re walking back from the war on drugs. As reported by Miami New Times, separate bills filed by state legislators are looking to minimize the sanctions around particular substances.

One, filed by Florida House Rep. Travaris McCurdy of Orange County, would wipe the slate clean for folks convicted on minor cannabis charges. Another bill brought by Rep. Michael Grieco is proposing to legalize magic mushrooms, scientifically known as psilocybin, for medicinal use in Florida

The latter legislation is keeping things strictly clinical, so don’t count on ordering freaky fungi via Postmates anytime soon.

"When people think of 'magic mushrooms,' they think of listening to Pink Floyd and tie-dye T-shirts, but we should take this seriously," Grieco says. "We have veterans and Floridians who have deep depression and post-traumatic stress disorder who are resistant to other medications."

Meanwhile, in feel-good Friday news… 

🏈 Former Boone High School student Tommy Townsend is playing in the Super Bowl this weekend. Townsend is a kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs and played college football at the University of Florida prior to that. (ClickOrlando

💰 Earlier this week we told you how we’d read that someone had purchased seven billboards in Orlando to promote $GME, otherwise known as GameStop stock. It’s since been confirmed: one can be spotted out near the airport. (Reddit

🍕 Insta-famous pizza pop-up @itsthepizzaslut just released her lineup for the weekend and weeks ahead. Kaleigh Ann serves up delicious wood-fired personal pizzas and the recipes sound equal parts fascinating and divine. (Instagram

💔 This Valentine’s Day, you can feed your bug of an ex-boyfriend to a bird and watch it die. On Feb. 13, the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey is hosting the “Love ‘em, Leave ‘em, or Feed ‘em'' event. For a $5 donation, you can name a bug after the person who tried to break your heart and then watch as it’s  fed to the birds. Y’know, the normal, healthy way one processes failed relationships. 😘 (Bungalower

🎟 And speaking of vengeful V-Days, Madame Tussauds is also joining in on the fun. The world-famous house of wax is offering free admission to anyone who brings a pic of an ex to shred or a digital one to delete. It’s going down on Valentine’s Day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Monday, Feb. 15 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Orlando Weekly

🍣 There’s a new Japanese eatery coming to Mills 50. Japango will take over the old Chewy Boba Company space and specialize in IG-worthy sushi, boba tea, macarons, and mochi ice cream. (Bungalower)

Down the rabbit hole 

That moment when you bust up the Mad Hatter’s tea party. (📸: @pulptown

Last night, I went down the rabbit hole.

Okay, not my usual rabbit hole that is the infinite abyss of the internet, but I literally went (to) Down the Rabbit Hole, Creative City Project's latest, erm, creative endeavor. And honestly, I had a great time.

Here's the gist:

  • It's a 45-minute walkthrough theatrical experience through Mead Botanical Gardens. Dress comfortably and whatever you do, don’t wear heels. (Also, why would you? We’re in the midst of a pandemic.)
  • Respect the weather: We’re looking at a week of on-and-off rain, so make sure you’re prepared.
  • Go with an open mind. The storyline riffs on “Alice in Wonderland” and takes you on a journey down through the rabbit hole where all the creatures are “mad”. The performances are great, but let your imagination run wild.
  • That said, because it’s a walking experience and a pop-up event, the crew has really had to get creative with sound. The closer you are to Alice, the better your experience. (But remember to stay six teacups away!) 
  • The event is fun for the whole family but isn’t stroller- or wheelchair-friendly. 
  • To put things into perspective as to who’s putting this on, Creative City Project is the same group that brings Immerse to downtown Orlando every year. (That is until the pandemic happened.)
  • If you attended the Dazzling Lights display at Leu Gardens, it's similar to that experience, just with a storytelling component.
  • Tickets cost between $22 and $25 (plus a small ticketing fee) depending on the day of the week and they sell out quickly. 
  • You’ll want to arrive 30 minutes ahead of time so you have the proper time to check-in and stand in your “waiting line”. 
  • I take COVID-19 seriously, and I felt the production team did too. Groups were small and easily able to space themselves out. 

Alright, that does it for this recap. Hopefully, it helps! 

My biggest takeaway was that the City Beautiful is indeed still the city creative, and it’s fun to see how local organizations are pivoting and able to put our performers back in action again! 

Read more about Down the Rabbit Hole here.

Things to do

Submit your events to our calendar.


🗣 Tune into the Orange County History Center's virtual discussion on preserving the Black Lives Matter Movement (Online)

🍿 Pack a picnic and make it a movie night at Leu Gardens (Mills 50/Audubon Park)


🎵 Groove to the beats of drummer, composer, and now band leader and singer, Gerald Law II, and his band The Clutch at Timucua Arts Foundation (SoDo/Online) (Downtown Orlando)

🎭 Go "Down the Rabbit Hole" at Mead Botanical Gardens now through March 14 (Winter Park)

🎟 Head to Virginia Drive for a night of music, food, boozing, and supporting local businesses (Ivanhoe)

🌻 Drive to Southern Hill Farms for sunflower and strawberry pickin' (Clermont)

☮️ Spend your morning in savasana in Mead Botanical Gardens (Winter Park)

♻️ Recycle your old electronics and textiles at Festival Park (Colonialtown)


🍿 Watch the beloved play, "Kinky Boots" on the big screen at the Enzian (Maitland)

😍 Shop this Galentines Girl Power Pop-Up happening over at Se7en Bites (Milk District)

🎵 Listen to Zoe McCray perform “Blackbird”, a full recital named after the famous song penned by Sir Paul McCartney in-person and virtual options available (SoDo/Online)

🏈 Watch the Super Bowl on the big screen outdoors at Ivanhoe Park Brewing (Ivanhoe)

🏈 Root on your favorite team to a win with barbecue and beer at Orlando Brewing (SoDo)

🎭 Enjoy the opera over Sunday brunch on the lawn of the Dr. Phillips Center (Downtown)

☮️ Meet at Ivanhoe Park Brewing for a morning yoga sesh and cold beer (Ivanhoe)

📸 Head over to Deeply Coffee for a Portrait Pop-Up with David Lawrence and Sweet Fleet (Downtown)


🗣 Let's talk about social media censorship and what it really means (Online)

It's baaaaaack!

Y'all, let's hang! 🎨: @haleydrewthis for Pulptown

Get excited y’all — we’re bringing back our Modern Love: Pitch Your Friend event! Arguably our most successful event pre-pandemic, it was also the most fun and I’m stoked it’s finally making a comeback. I’ve only been sitting on it for a whole year already. 🙃

Anyway, it’s going virtual this year because, well, it’s the responsible thing to do. With that said, it’ll still be fun, and we have some surprises planned in the weeks ahead. 

The premise of the event is essentially a dating game, where participants will spend five minutes convincing the crowd why their friend is the ultimate catch. We’ll then let the crowd ask questions before possibly making a love connection at the end. And even if you don’t walk away in a relationship, the biggest prize is walking away knowing how much you’re loved by your homie. 

Anyway, more details are coming soon, BUT if you’re keen on pitching your friend, head here to fill out the quick questionnaire. And if you want to be in the audience, register here

Alright, more next week. For now, it’s see ya later. 

Have a good one,

– ✌️ Katie at Pulptown

P.S. I’m recording Monday’s episode of ”15 Minutes in Pulptown” tomorrow. Have someone in mind that we should be following on IG? Or an event happening next week that I should add to our Top 5? Send ‘em my way