Plus, Bernie Sanders showed up in Portland (kinda).
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🍩 One PDX doughnut to rule them all

Plus, Bernie Sanders showed up in Portland (kinda).

Welcome to Friday. 

Portland loves a good doughnut. Heck, funky and fun doughnuts helped put us on the culinary map. What’s great about a doughnut is that there’s no bad time for a good doughnut — whether it’s with your coffee for a super sweet breakfast or as a late-night treat.

Which is why here at Bridgeliner, we are officially on the hunt for Portland’s Ultimate Doughnut — and we’re going to figure this out with our first Bridgeliner Doughnut Bracket!

And while this is an a-glazing journey (sorry, we doughnut know how to stop, we’re just trying to be hole-some) we need your help. We need your nominations to make this bracket happen. Scroll on to learn more and tell us about your faves.

But first, the news of the day.

4 things to know today

🚨 Eight people were arrested at a protest at the Democratic Party of Oregon building on Inauguration Day. The group of 100-200 people carried banners that read "We are ungovernable" and "A new world from the ashes." The building was vandalized and windows were smashed. Get the details here.  

🎨 Bernie Sanders’ mittens are having a moment — and PDX artist Mike Bennett lept on it. The meme-able Vermont senator was spotted on Inauguration Day wearing a warm pair of black, brown, and cream-colored mittens, and looking world weary. Meanwhile, Bennett got out his tools and got to work. Check out the incredible art display here

💉 The Oregon Convention Center wants to vaccinate 7,500 Oregonians a day. But it’s looking more like 2,000 with our current lull in the supply. Read the breakdown here

🍪 Relax and watch these delicious ‘cookie pulls’ by PDX Cookie Co. You can check out the video here

🍩 Nominate your favorite Portland Doughnut

(🎨: Bridgeliner illustration)

Here’s how to get in on the fun

We’re on a quest for Portland’s Ultimate Doughnut — and there’s no shortage of options. 

So we need your help to narrow the field to 32 contenders for this NCAA-style bracket. What’s your favorite Portland doughnut? What’s the most “Portland” doughnut?

Here’s how it works:

  • Nominate your favorite Portland doughnut — or doughnuts — right here.
  • We’ll use that list, along with our research, to create The Ultimate Portland Doughnut bracket.
  • Come back each week and vote your favorite into each new round, so it can eventually be named the Ultimate Portland Doughnut. (Bragging rights included.)

Also worth mentioning:

  • Doughnuts outside of Portland proper welcome.
  • Base your nominations on the quality of the doughnut — or on its level of PDX funkiness. 
  • We are looking for individual doughnuts — for example, maybe you feel that Doe Donut’s Portland Fog doughnut is a good representation of Portland. Or perhaps the bear claws from Heavenly Donuts make the most sense to you. Basically whatever makes it your favorite is good with us. 

Come back and vote your favorites into each new round until the Ultimate Portland Doughnut is discovered. Who advances in each round is strictly based on the number of votes for that round. 

So every vote in every round counts! 

Questions? Just hit reply or email us at and we’re ready to help with all your doughnutty questions.

Submit your nominations by noon on Jan. 27, by following this link and filling out the form

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Friday, January 29

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☝️One more thing …

(🎨: Bridgeliner illustration)

We can all agree that cold Bernie with his mittens is a whole MOOD.

Enjoy a sweet weekend and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday.

-Cassie at Bridgeliner

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