Plus, which of our members are getting weekend guides for trivia.

🍛 This Filipino supper club is serving five courses of flavor in PDX

Plus, which of our members are getting weekend guides for trivia.

By Cassie Ruud

It’s Thursday.

And that means we’ve scoured the web for the latest and greatest food news right here in Stumptown, and these stories are fresh out of the oven. 

Also today our Bridgeliner Unabridged members are playing a game of Portland-themed trivia to try and snag a personalized weekend guide. Sound like fun? You can always sign up here.

Scroll on down for something tasty. 

📰 What Portland’s snacking on

Today’s newsletter is a spin on a classic — like these wonton nachos from Pink Rabbit Bar. Tag #bridgeliner to be featured here. (📸: @pinkrabbitbar)

➡️ If you’ve got TikTok, you should really be following foodiesnitch. Also known as Emily, this Portlander can be found wandering from one tasty location to another and documenting every single delicious moment along the way. She recently covered Bar Dune and their mouthwatering offerings — including bacon-wrapped dates and sparkling cocktails. 

Quotable: “I like making things look beautiful. Creating a well styled scene transports you into another world, and I want to take you there.” — Emily AKA foodiesnitch

📖 Portland, meet Cecily Wong, the culinary writing wizard behind Gastro Obscura. Wong wrote the book with co-author and Atlas Obscura founder Dylan Thuras, which was officially published on Tuesday. In the same spirit of the website that highlights the historic and weirdly wonderful parts of the world, Gastro Obscura takes a culinary perspective. Over 400 pages, the book takes you on a worldwide journey of foods both past and present — from a map of fish sauce factories during the Roman Empire to a recipe for Ben Franklin’s favorite milk punch. Portland Monthly sat down with Wong to go over what writing the book was like and where you can find some of those recipes right here in Stumptown. (Portland Monthly)

🍻 Zoiglhaus is transforming into a bonafide food hub. For a while now the German-style brewery has been leveling up and building out to include a food hall, cocktail bar, farmers market, and brewery — which they’re calling The Zed. There you’ll find Sherpa Kitchen, Zenith Room, and the Zephyr Lounge, in addition to the brewery, which promises to keep serving up beer as well as its popular German fare like knockwurst and with house-made sauerkraut. (EaterPDX / New School Beer)

🍛 There’s a new Filipino supper club in town, and they’ve got five courses of flavor up their sleeves. The menu at Tikim — which translates into “taste” in Tagalog — aims to take guests through a full day of Filipino food in one single meal. You’ll find traditional classics like Pancit palabok (a dish made with shrimp stock and fried pork skins) as well as an elevated spin on Jollibee’s hot dog spaghetti. (Portland Monthly / Tikim)

🍜 Afuri’s opening a second location in Slabtown for all noodle lovers in 2022. What will make this spot stand out though is that you’ll be able to see the entire creation of your ramen from dough to bowl. The Slabtown menu will continue to focus on Afuri’s signature chintan-style broth, yuzu shio ramen — a lighter, citrus-driven style — along with its rich, meatless star: the hazelnut tantanmen topped with miso cashew crumbles. (Willamette Week / Afuri)

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Today our Bridgeliner Unabridged members are playing a round of Portland-themed trivia, where we test their PDX knowledge by asking them a question about Stumptown. Two folks guessed correctly when we asked them what the oldest neighborhood in Portland is: And that means they’ll be getting personalized weekend guides tomorrow.

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