Plus, a new game of I Spy.
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🎺 We're all a-boat these Sunleaf Grace memes

Plus, a new game of I Spy.

Welcome to Tuesday.

I hope your weekend was restorative and soothing. If so, you probably didn’t get woken up by the very loud and very meme-worthy boat that came to Portland over the weekend (scroll on for more details). 

For our news roundup, we have the latest on who’s getting vaccinated, a little swarm of earthquakes at Mt. Hood, the restrictions (or lack thereof) on weddings in Oregon, and some Unipiper nostalgia.

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Let’s dive in.

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3 things to know today 

💉 Oregon teachers are set to get their first round of COVID-19 vaccines on Jan. 25, but senior citizens will now have to wait until February. Why the delay? Because of confusion about a federal stockpile that the Trump administration promised to begin distributing soon but which, it turns out, no longer exists. In the meantime, several states, including Oregon, are seeing cases of a new and more contagious COVID-19 variant. Airborne particle experts explain here how to stay safe from the new variant. For the latest COVID-19 case numbers, go here

🏔️ There was a little swarm of earthquakes around Mt. Hood over the weekend —  but seismologists are saying not to worry. Experts at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network said there is no concern over “an impending volcanic eruption because similar swarms of small tectonic, not volcanic, earthquakes have happened in the past in this area.” Over 60 tremors were reported. The two largest registered magnitudes were 2.9 and 2.7, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Worried about what to do during an earthquake? Find more information here

👰 A PDX wedding planner is trying to suss out Oregon’s restrictions on weddings. It isn't easy. Wedding Planner Elisabeth Kramer said she scoured the state's latest COVID-19 rules but could only find restrictions on weddings listed once — and with minimal detail. Weddings across the nation have been linked to the spread of COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control, which suggests that “persons should avoid large gatherings" like them. Kramer appears to agree, saying, "As much as I love weddings, I love people not dying more."   

Update: In a previous edition of Bridgeliner, we stated that Portland Street Response will roll out this February. The program will actually be implemented this upcoming summer.

3 things to make you smile

🛥️ Portland’s subreddit is NOT a fan of this loud bulk carrier, the Sunleaf Grace. But the memes are *chef’s finger kiss* perfection, for example, here, and here. Wanna know more about the Sunleaf Grace and where it came from? Go here

🎲 Tabletop gaming sales are up — here’s where to get some great PDX games. Whether you’re more of a Dungeons & Dragons fan, or here for Settlers of Catan, or on the hunt for the Cones of Dunshire (thank you Parks & Rec), blow on your dice and shuffle your decks, it’s time to play. 

🎉 Remember when you could hit up a rave in the woods and watch the Unipiper perform on the wing of an airplane? Here’s the video for proof — now stay safe so we can get back to having PNW-raves-in-the-woods, capeesh? 

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Wednesday, January 27

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We will see you here on Wednesday.

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