Plus, let’s test your Stumptown knowledge.

🎃 What do pumpkin spice chicken wings taste like? “Magic.”

Plus, let’s test your Stumptown knowledge.

By Cassie Ruud

It’s Tuesday.

Can you believe we are already two weeks into fall? It honestly makes my jaw drop at how quickly October seems to be going by. At the same time, I’m genuinely jazzed for our foliage to really start exploding with color; the comfort of more cozy, rainy nights (ideally with a stack of books nearby); and, of course, Halloween. What about fall gets you excited? Hit reply, I’d love to know. 

But moving on, we have a lot of news to cover, and our Bridgeliner Unabridged members are playing a game of Portland-themed trivia to try and snag a personalized weekend guide. Sound like fun? You can always sign up here.

Without further ado: Let’s go to press.

📰 What Portland’s talking about

“Oh my gourd,” fall is here, Portland. Tag #bridgeliner to be featured here. (📸: @hotelguys1)

3 things to know today 

➡️ Oregon celebrated its first official Indigenous Peoples Day yesterday. This year, the Beaver State voted to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, making it the 11th state in the country to acknowledge it. Oregon is home to nine federally recognized Indian tribes, seven of which have designated reservation land. (KGW)

Related: Wanna know how you can support and celebrate local Indigenous communities 365 days a year? Check out this list of local organizations, recommendations, and creators from Portland Monthly

🍩 Some of the Voodoo Doughnuts employees fired for walking out during the summer heatwaves will get their jobs back. Last week, Oregon’s Labor Board determined that seven out of the 11 employees who walked out were wrongfully terminated and ordered the doughnut shop in Oldtown to rehire them. During one of two historic heatwaves that swept the Pacific Northwest over the summer, employees reported unsafe working conditions — with inadequate air conditioning, risk of heat stroke and exhaustion, and temperatures inside the shop reaching 116 degrees. Local news sources reached out to Voodoo for comment, but as of writing, there had been no response. (OregonLive / Willamette Week / Portland Mercury)

🏥 The union representing Kaiser Permanente workers has authorized a strike. However, this does not mean workers are currently striking — the organization voted Monday with a 96% “yes” vote that they will strike if the call is issued. Almost 3,400 workers could walk out if the call is made. The union would have to provide a 10-day advance notice before the strike kicks off; assuming the healthcare provider does not meet their requirements of more adequate wages and better staffing. (KATU)

3 (scary) things to make you smile

🍬 Is trick-or-treating safe this year? Fauci says to “go out there” and “enjoy it,” especially if you’re vaccinated and have continued to practice social distancing and wearing a mask out in public. Naturally, please go with your gut and do what you feel will be safest for you and your loved ones. (OregonLive)

Related: Still haven’t figured out your costume for this year? Portland Monthly has a solid lineup of local thrift shops to find the perfect one.  

🐾 ‘Tis the season — why not adopt one of these adorable black kitties from the humane society? Outside of being ridiculously cute, they have Halloween-and-autumn-themed names — from 4-month-old Candyman, to 3-month-old Carrie. Give a scroll through and to help them find their fur-ever home. (Oregon Humane Society)

🎃 Local food reviewer Katherine Chew Hamiliton tried these pumpkin spice chicken wings: Here’s her verdict. When autumn shows up, so does pumpkin-spice flavored everything (and hey, your editor over here is NOT complaining), and Erica’s Soul Food took a savory take on the annual trend. Hamilton described the smell of pumpkin permeating her car on the drive home — because owner Erica Montgomery puts REAL pumpkin into the sauce on these wings — and the taste? “Magical,” Hamilton wrote in Portland Monthly. “The slightly sweet pumpkin mingles with a hint of spice, warmed up with what I think is cinnamon. I don’t think I would have guessed that there was pumpkin in them if I hadn’t known beforehand. Something about that sweet-salty mix makes it hard to stop eating.” Find out how you can get your mitts on some through the link. ➡️(Portland Monthly / Erica’s Soul Food)

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That’s all for today folks. Have a good Tuesday, and we’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

-Cassie at Bridgeliner

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