Plus, we’re wrapping up Mental Health Awareness Week with a very wise wizard.

🚗 Your Portland driving tips: Don’t

Plus, we’re wrapping up Mental Health Awareness Week with a very wise wizard.

By Cassie Ruud

Oh hey, look at that, we made it to Friday.

If you’re not caught up on this week’s Bridgeliner items of interest — like how the Rose City Riveters are demanding actionable change from the owners of the Thorns, our Weird Wednesday feature on the history of The Grotto sanctuary, or the latest Portland food news — then you’re covered with the links above. 💪

Earlier this week we asked you on our socials for your best Portland driving tips and your responses had us wheezing. So without further ado, here’s your best motorist advice for driving through Stumptown. 

Buckle up, roll the windows down, and let’s roll. 

🚗 How to drive in Portland

Bridgeliner illustration

Let’s cut to the chase: Driving in a city is just plain weird. By design, there are more cars on the road, everyone is trying to hive-mind their way to work or back home, and (depending on how old your city is) often the closer you get to the center of town things start to feel more fashioned for horses and buggies rather than automobiles. And given all of this, Portland’s no exception.

So if you’re looking to drive around PDX, here are a few handy tips from your fellow Portlanders (and a great case for taking public transit or hopping on a bike): 

“Don’t.” — @tgularte, @bbrkdwn, and @feministvagenda

“Take the MAX.” — @sadieawesomelady80

“Go slow.” — Rebecca R.

“When turning, always check your blind spot for bikes!” — @tsteenblock

“Turn your lights on when it’s raining and always, always, always double check for cyclists!” — @amanda.m.butt

“Learn and respect the zipper merge.” — @pieceofpdx.patrik

(Editor’s note: For those not in the know, “Zipper merge” basically means cars merge from two lanes to one by taking turns like the teeth of a zipper.)

“Use your blinker, be sure you know how to ‘zipper merge,’ be sure to politely wave when someone lets you in. Been driving here for 15 years, drivers are pretty nice if you’re not being an idiot driver.” — @gezikaharizen

“Respect the rain.” — @liveplaypdx

“OMG. I loved my 10 years in PDX except for the drivers. Honestly. My biggest beef? Could you just please go the speed limit? I’m not asking for you to speed but could you just please go 35 in a 35 zone? Not 30. Not 25. But please just. Go. The. Speed. Limit.” — @lougallops

“Pull into the intersection when yielding to oncoming traffic on a left turn to allow the car behind you to move up and make the turn more easily.” — @beetlebath

“Drive with intention, please. I feel as though people still drive like they’re in a small town rather than a legit city. Those who come here from cities drive like it, and the chaos ensues between the two broad forms of helmsmanship. In short, it’s a mess. The solution always seems to be: More bike lanes! Agh.” — @lambskins

“Remember that the river is 0 for west/east addresses and Burnside is 0 for north / south addresses. Then you can find anything by its address because you know how many blocks away it is. Also, odd addresses are on the north and west side of the street, and even addresses are on the south and east side of the street. Remember where major streets cross in town. But really the best advice is to drive a bicycle. .” — Johnny B. 

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🙋 One more thing … 

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. 

I hope today’s newsletter didn’t drive you wild (but hey, it’s all good if it did). 

Wanted to take a moment here to highlight the fact that we are now wrapping up Mental Health Awareness Week and that this Sunday is World Mental Health Day. To say this pandemic has been stressful for everyone is an understatement — but I feel like it has absolutely highlighted the need for access to mental health resources in our country. 

As someone who already had anxiety before the lockdown happened, I want you to know that no one is “ok” right now — yes, even folks who aren’t posting anything about it and seem to be just fine on social media. And if you’re struggling with your mental health, please know that my heart goes out to you in solidarity, and I’m so proud of you for being here today and finding ways to take care of yourself. If you're not sure where to start, take a peek at Counseling Services of Portland; a site that will help you find a local therapist that fits for you.

It’s not easy folks, but you gotta give yourself some grace as we make our way through these very weird times. As overused as it is, this scene from Lord of the Rings always helps me center myself — and I hope it brings you some peace as we head into the weekend.

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You’re strong, you've got this, have a good one, and catch you back here on Tuesday.

Virtual hugs,

Cassie at Bridgeliner

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