Plus, a game of I Spy for our members.

🚗 A new PDX rideshare for women, femmes, and non-binary people

Plus, a game of I Spy for our members.

It’s Tuesday, Portland. 

Everyone have a good weekend? Get up to something fun? Cool, cool, cool

Today’s also National Eat What You Want Day — so if you needed any further reason to dive into Portland’s culinary scene, then here’s your answer. Want some help getting started? (It’s okay, we’ve got a LOT of food spots in our city). This map from EaterPDX on 38 recent standout restaurants to try in Portland is pretty handy. 

Today our Bridgeliner Unabridged members are kicking off this week’s I Spy challenge — Bridgeliner Bragging Rights™️ are on the line. Wanna join the fun? Become a member today.

Let’s go to press. 

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3 things to know

⏰ Vaccine walk-ins are welcome at the Convention Center — but not for much longer. Although the Oregon Convention Center is one of the main hubs for vaccine distribution in Portland, it’s set to shut down operations on June 19. Why? Simply put, there’s less demand as more Oregonians are getting vaccinated. The site’s been open since Jan. 20 and has vaccinated close to 465,000 people thus far. 

🏥 Portland women reported severe menstrual changes after being exposed to tear gas during protests. This comes from a study by Kaiser Permanente surveying the general health of the population after interacting with tear gas. Portland police used the gas as a crowd dispersal method more than a hundred times in 2020. Some of the women had not attended protests but breathed in the toxins while going about downtown. Per KGW, one woman and Army veteran said she could “smell it in the air” as she was attending classes at PSU, subsequently experienced severe menstrual cramping and bleeding, and eventually had a hysterectomy. Tear gas is considered a chemical weapon and its use is banned in war tactics according to the Geneva Convention. PPB say they haven’t used tear gas on protesters since August of 2020. 

✉️ The city responded to the Dept. of Justice’s criticism of PPB's use of force during the 2020 protests. The DOJ told Portland back in February that its handling of last year’s protests went against a 2014 settlement agreement between the two entities. The DOJ said PPB used a disproportionate amount of force on protesters and failed to investigate cases of misuse. The city responded last Friday with a 40-page letter, calling the DOJ “hypocritical” with its criticism, and stated that federal agents sent to Portland used similar tactics on protesters. The ball is in the DOJ’s court at the moment, and if a resolution isn’t reached, both parties could end up in front of a federal judge again. For the rest of this in-depth story, check out Portland Mercury’s Alex Zielinski’s article here

3 things to make you smile

🍳 PDX chef Gregory Gourdet’s new cookbook has jumped to the top of the bestseller list. Gourdet rose to local culinary fame with his work at The Nines hotel, and is set to open his own restaurant, Kann, in 2022. His new book, “Everyone’s Table” is a health cookbook, designed to be friendly to a variety of dietary needs. “It is a paleo-friendly cookbook. So it's gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, it's refined sugar free, it's legume free, but it's really a book that's designed for everyone at the table. So even if you're not any of those things, you can eat any of the recipes and you won't think something's missing," Gourdet told KGW in an interview. Sound up your alley? Well, you can learn more by chatting with Gourdet tonight (virtually) at 5 p.m. Wanna buy the book? Here’s a handy link

🐈 Randy is the handsome tabby cat you didn’t know you needed in your life. He’s just a little over seven years old, a white and brown tabby, and LOVES good cheek and chin scratches. Randy is also an expert biscuit maker, enjoys a nice shoulder massage from time to time, and likes exploring and learning new things. He does have a few dental issues that would require an attentive owner, but this indoors-only cat doesn’t look like he poses too much trouble, now does he? You can learn about adopting Randy here

🚗 A new rideshare for women, femmes, and non-binary Portlanders arrives this Juneteenth. Go Girl Ride” was created by Trenelle Doyle after she was sexually harassed several times as an Uber driver. “Go Girl Ride” will be a trauma-informed service to connect women, femmes, and non-binary people with carefully screened and hourly-paid drivers. You can read the rest of the details from PDX Monthly here

💗 A guide to give back with Equitable Giving Circle

(📸: Courtesy of Equitable Giving Circle)

Did you know that Equitable Giving Circle has a great directory to support Black Indigenous and People of Color businesses here in Portland?

EGC is devoted to helping BIPOC Portlanders and farmers on every level. Which is why it’s so important to help them continue doing what they’re doing.

You can help them help more people by directly supporting them, donating resources, volunteering your time and platforms, attending one of their events, and getting the word out about the great work they do. You can also help EGC support local Black businesses by purchasing one of their curated gift boxes, which are chock full of wonderfulness. You can learn more about what goes into a curated gift box here

This organization is amazing and devoted to helping BIPOC Portlanders directly — let’s keep the good work going.

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Wednesday, May 19

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Thursday, May 20

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Friday, May 21

🎥 Join the 19th Filmed By Bike Film Festival with a livestream of 60 films (Online)

🎤 Learn about anxiety and creativity with the Anxiety Variety Show (Online)

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