Plus, here's where to find Orlando’s best late-night eats.
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😬 Why everybody in America hates Florida right now

Plus, here's where to find Orlando’s best late-night eats.

It’s Wednesday y’all, and Florida’s been catching heat (pun intended) from the rest of the country this week. It has something to do with our warmer, more cozy temps in comparison to the especially massive winter storm moving through the U.S. For example, it was -17 degrees in Sioux Falls, South Dakota yesterday. Brrr. 

But that’s not even the worst of it. Texans are squaring off against record cold temps and widespread power outages and North Carolinians are dealing with the aftermath of a dangerous tornado. It’s worth it to take a moment to count our blessings a little more dutifully, yes? That is, at least until hurricane season arrives.

In the meantime, there’s a 60 percent chance of rain today (if the forecast is correct) and a 100 percent chance of all the news you need to know down below…

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What Orlando is talking about

🎟 It’s Wells’Built Wednesday, y’all! The Wells’Built Museum of African American History and Culture is commemorating its 20th anniversary in Orlando by celebrating all month-long with virtual trivia and guest speakers. Be sure to sign up for their mailing list and follow them on Facebook so you don’t miss out on the fun. (Bungalower) Check out our video of Elizabeth Thompson about the history of Wells’Built here.

📉 2020 was a rough year for everyone, and Visit Florida confirmed Monday that it was also rough on the state’s tourism numbers. The Sunshine State saw its lowest tourism numbers since 2010, with a 34 percent drop in visitors from 2019. However, the last quarter exceeded expectations, so officials remain hopeful. (WKMG / News Service of Florida)

☠️ Organizers for Gasparilla announced that the annual event (read: sh*tshow) has been canceled for 2021 due to COVID-19. It’s been tentatively scheduled to make a comeback next January. (ClickOrlando

🚀 Tomorrow’s gonna be a big day for the space industry when NASA’s 2020 Perseverance rover makes its landing on Mars. But it’s not the only thing making landfall — it’ll be joined by a tiny helicopter, the first ever to visit the red planet. (WKMG)

🌈 Singer Ricky Martin is now the official spokesperson for the OnePulse Foundation. The Orlando nonprofit made the announcement last week during the kickoff for its new OutLove Hate campaign, a fundraiser for the construction of a museum memorializing the tragedy. The hope is for assembly to start in 2022. (Orlando Weekly)

🌱 Today’s the day, y’all — Winter Park Biscuit Co. is launching its full vegan menu at its East End Market location. And God said, “Let there be (vegan) biscuits and gravy. Amen.” (Orlando Weekly)

🍳 One local chef needs our help! Trina Gregory-Propst, chef-owner of Se7en Bites is in the running to win $20,000 and a feature in Bon Appetit!, but she needs our vote(s). Take a few seconds to help her out — you can vote every day for the next nine days over at this link. (The Milk District on Instagram)

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Things to do

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🎟 Go "Down the Rabbit Hole" at this pop-up theatrical experience at Mead Botanical Garden through March 14 (Winter Park)

☮️ Rise and shine with yoga in the garden (Winter Park)

🗣 Pull up a seat at the table to talk about the intersectionality of Black history and LGBTQ+ history (Online)

🎟 Take a virtual tour of the Orient Express and solve a mystery at the same time (Online)


🎶 Travel to the "Big Easy" with the Best in Brass: New Orleans Brass Band at the outdoor Front Porch Series at Plaza Live (Milk District)

🛍 Shop local vendors and enjoy some live music at this outdoor weekly pop-up market (Thornton Park)

🏡 First-time homebuyer? Check out this workshop (Mills 50)


🍺 Head to Orlando Brewing for the release of its Grapefruit Pale Ale and to shop local at the outdoor market! Food, art, craft, games, music, and beer! (SoDo)

🎶 Watch the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra presents its Symphony Storytime Series: Carnival of the Animals through Sunday (Milk District)


🎶 The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra presents: Symphony Storytime Series: Carnival of the Animals (Milk District)

🌻 Shop local vendors at the Bazaar Botanica (Ivanhoe)


🗣 Tune in to hear trend predictions and what careers will be on the rise and booming in the coming year (Online)

One more thing

You know those days you work well into the night, don’t check the time, and realize circa 9:30 p.m. that you never did thaw out any meats for future you to eat? Okay, just me? 🙄 In case that scenario sounds familiar, our buds over at Tasty Chomps rounded up their Top 10 picks for best local late-night eats. It’s a good list to keep in your back pocket. 

Speaking of, as I mentioned in Monday’s episode of our podcast — if you’re on Facebook, like good eats, and are local to Orlando (you’re reading this, so I assume you are!) — then you should join the Orlando Foodie Forum by Tasty Chomps Facebook group. And if you’re curious about our other four local FB groups to follow, well, you should maybe go give the podcast a listen. 😉

Until we meet again tomorrow! 

– ✌️ Katie at Pulptown