Plus, 11 fun events this week.

🎆 Meet the new weirdos on the block

Plus, 11 fun events this week.

It’s Wednesday.

And you know what that means: We’re getting weird today — it’s Weird Wednesdays.

Each week, we’re highlighting and celebrating elements of Portland’s wonderful weirdness, in collaboration with the amazing folks at Weird Portland United (WPU).

If you haven’t read them yet — you can find our February Weird Wednesdays here, where we interviewed The Unipiper, local artist Cedar Lee, and The Portland Sleestak.

Today, we are giving you an overview of who we’ll be covering in the upcoming month: The winners of WPU’s “Keep Weird Alive” grants. Scroll on for more details. 

🕶️ The new weirdos on the block

(🎨: Bridgeliner illustration)

Fresh-faced, creative, and hungry for all the weird adventures our city has to offerWeird Portland United awarded several $500 grants to up-and-coming Portland creatives over the summer of 2020. And this month, we’ll be highlighting each one about the work they do and how they help Keep Portland Weird.

From the Ambassador of Odd, The Unipiper aka Brian Kidd:

“This past summer WPU handed out a number of “Keep Weird Alive” $500 grants to help Portland creatives stay afloat during the pandemic,” Kidd said. “Through the public nomination process we were introduced to so many amazing Portlanders who were not previously on our radar, but absolutely should have been! This highlights the importance of fostering our weird community and providing a platform for underheard voices.”

So who are we looking at, Portland? Glad you asked, let’s have a gander.

🍓 Strawberry Pickle

The proprietor of Rainbow City — a dizzyingly beautiful art gallery that celebrates art, blacklight, and local DJs — and much more. This local weirdo will bring much needed brightness to your life. 

🃏 Spencer Sprocket

A traveling one-man Vaudeville show, Spencer is bringing everything to the table — balloon animals, juggling, mimery, and the kitchen sink. Willamette Week named him in their Best of 2020 ranking as the Best Socially Distanced Magician. 

🎉 Carlos the RollerBlader

The creator of Disco Skate Shop, Carlos has a vision for Portland’s very own rollerblade store in a time when rollerblading and skating made comebacks during the pandemic. Disco Skate Shop will function as an in-person (following COVID-19 guidelines) and digital Black-owned skating store right here in Portland. 

🎈 Karla Mi Lugo

Karla is a video visionary and culture worker, who also specializes in creating ambiance, music, balloon art therapy, the accordian, cinematography, and so much more. Karla has been street performing and traveling the country for years, crafting creative magic every step of the way. 

👗 Sundari Devi Franklin

The owner of Minnie Opal, Sundari transforms trash into treasures with a keen eye for eco-conscious clothing and upcycling. Her street style is whimsical, Bohemian, draped in magic and sustainability. 

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Leaving you with a sweet mural reminder as we finish the halfway mark on the week.

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You’re all rockstars, catch you here tomorrow. 

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