Plus, which local brew deserves to be crowned Orlando's Ultimate Beer?
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🗺 How to hike every day in Central Florida, the return of Lime Bikes, and a fun giveaway

Plus, which local brew deserves to be crowned Orlando's Ultimate Beer?

By Katie Johnston

We’ve got ourselves a very sudsy showdown, friends. 

Today we’re kicking off our final round of the Ultimate Orlando Beer Bracket, as voted on by you. 

It’s been a long-time coming; it was five weeks ago when more than 60 beers were nominated to vie for the title of “Orlando’s Ultimate Brewery.” Only 32 made it to our final bracket, and after 2,050 votes, we’ve finally narrowed it down to two:

🍺 Katie’s Kolsch from Castle Church Brewing versus 🍺 Joyland IPA by Ivanhoe Park Brewing

⏰ You’ve got between now and 9 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 2 to make your favorite the winner. Head to this link to vote for your top pick — and share it with a friend while you’re at it. 

🍻 As a friendly reminder, we’re not here to find the “best” Orlando beer, because “best” means something different to everybody. But we are here to highlight the breweries, beers, and brewers that make up our craft beer scenes and which ones you feel best represent our fair city.

Now read on for updates on why Forbes is talking about us, news about Lime Bikes' return to the City Beautiful, and where you can find a house for under $200k. Plus, meet one of my new favorite accounts to follow on the internet. It's great for getting you out of your comfort zone and exploring the great outdoors.

We know, we know: It's a little hard to read. 👆 Head to our site for the full thing. 🍺 Bottoms up, Orlando 🎨: Pulptown | Wanna see your photo here? Tag either #pulptown or @pulptown on Instagram to be featured as our IG of the Day! 

What Orlando is talking about

Orlando is making national headlines when it comes to COVID-19 news updates and not in a good way. Orange County recorded nearly 1,000 new COVID-19 cases a day over the weekend, earning us our time in the “spotlight”

Mayor Jerry Demings said that we’ve now entered “crisis mode”. The county’s positivity rate has been hovering around 14%, up three times the amount as last month, and even reached 20% on Sunday. 

AdventHealth is now in “red status”, meaning it will halt elective surgeries until the numbers relent but the hospital system confirmed that it had necessary resources even if the cases continue to rise. 

Demings said there’s no time more urgent than the present to get vaccinated and encouraged Orlandoans to get tested and to mask up, whether they’re vaccinated or not.

Meanwhile, the Orange County Tax Collectors’ Office announced yesterday that it would require its employees to get the vaccine by the end of August unless religious beliefs or medical reasons prohibit them from doing so.

In other news… 

 🚲 Lime Bikes are making a comeback! The e-bikes should start reappearing sometime next month, with 50 making their way to downtown Orlando rather swiftly and the additional 250 to be dropped in the coming months. (The Community Paper

🏡 You can find a home in Central Florida for under $200,000 if you are willing to look outside of your bubble, like Deltona. Or at least, that’s what Orlando Regional Realtor Association President Natalie Arrowsmith had to say. Unfortunately, there are about a million other people looking for the same so may the odds be ever in your favor. (Orlando Sentinel

⚽️The Orlando Pride has a new coach, well, for the time being. After Marc Skinner’s sudden departure on Friday, the team extended an offer to recently retired Gators coach Becky Burleigh to serve as the interim manager and she agreed. (Orlando Sentinel

🛣 The Winter Park City Commission just finalized its purchase of The Lash Body Lounge, the building next to Imperial Dry Cleaners on Fairbanks Ave., further cementing its hopes of quelling the traffic along the busy street and also expanding Martin Luther King Jr. Park. (The32789)

🙏 The tributes have been pouring in for Stephen McKenney Steck. Considered the “pioneer of public broadcasting in Orlando”, McKenney died on Saturday after being struck by a car while out for his daily bike ride. Before retiring in 2008, he was the president and CEO of WMFE-TV and radio and is being remembered for so much more. (Orlando Sentinel

🎉 A giveaway for you

Unwind with an immersive serenade at Re:Charge this weekend. (📸: Timucua Arts Foundation) 

Bring your blanket and Re:Charge this weekend! Four lucky readers will win a pair of tickets to this one-of-a-kind orchestral event presented by our friends at Timucua Arts Foundation and Creative City Project

Ready to rest, reflect and recharge in a serene setting lit by candlelight and fluffy glowing clouds? Enter now for your chance to win two tickets to sit in on their 9:30 p.m. session this Friday, Saturday or Sunday–good luck!

You know you wanna… 

Locals to know: 5 Questions with The Great Outdorks 

Meet The Great Outdorks. They're a group of friends helping you explore Orlando's, you guessed it, great outdoors. 📸: @thegreatoutdorks

It’s been a minute but we’re back with not one, not two, but THREE locals to know in our LTK series. Kevin, Tiffany, and Dave Aka “Downwind, Swamp Witch, and Wisdom Dave” make up The Great Outdorks, a fun local account to follow on Instagram that’ll get you pumped on traversing our great outdoors. 

The band of misfits are long-time friends who took up hiking during the pandemic. Their brilliant captures, ridiculous observations, and honestly, really great hiking tips certainly caught my attention. I figured they might easily grab yours too.

Below are five of the 10 questions we asked them, edited ever so slightly for clarity and brevity. 👇

First things first, are you long-time Orlandoans? We were all born out of state, but have been in Orlando long enough to remember Rosie O’Grady’s, Mystery Funhouse and Terror on Church St.

Tell us about your work in Orlando. Your day job and any volunteer work, too.

  • Dave: I run the art glass studio that supplies all the Disney theme parks worldwide.
  • Kevin: I am a movie prop photographer/archivist.
  • Tiff: I am a legal secretary for a law firm.

You each can pick a favorite local outdoor experience. What is it? What're we doing? Who's going with ya? 

  • Dave: Taking a pontoon boat out on the Butler chain of lakes (with anybody but these two haha) with a BBQ & good music.
  • Kevin: Navigating the Ninja Warrior-like abandoned boardwalk with The Dorks at Mead Gardens (and probably ruining my shoes in the process).
  • Tiff: Hiking out in Orlando Wetlands, followed by a visit to Fort Christmas (Bonus: if I see any horses on the drive over, I will stop and say hello.)

What is one Orlando wildlife/outdoor hot topic that you think people need to pay more attention to? Stop trashing the trails! Pack your junk up, and take it back out. We find so much garbage out in the woods during our hikes.

Tell us any unpopular opinions about experiencing the great outdoors Central Florida has to offer. You don’t need to get up early to hike, and you can absolutely hike during the summer. There is no “hiking season” in Florida. Trust us. We are lazy, and we do this every week.

Want to know more? I don’t blame you. Head here to learn what The Great Outdorks said would be their “last hike” if they had to choose, whom they’re taking with on a dream hike and where they’re going, and the one perception that needs to change about hiking in Central Florida asap. 

Who should we feature next time? Hit reply and let us know.

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☮️ Take a mid-week inhale at this outdoor yoga class in Mead Botanical Garden (Winter Park)

👟 Go for a walk on the West Orange Trail and read a story at the same time (Winter Garden)


🏀 Watch the NBA Draft live at the Amway Center for free, but you've gotta RSVP ahead of time (Parramore)

🌱 Make your own succulent while sipping on local brews (SoDo)


❄️ Immerse yourself in the Disney magic with Central Florida Community Arts production of "Frozen Jr." through Saturday (Ivanhoe))

👻 Get to know the spirits that haunt this small town every Friday and Saturday (Sanford)

🍿Kick back, relax, and drink a few beers at this pop-up movie night at Ivanhoe Park Brewing (Ivanhoe)

🗣Learn some insider tips for social media at this lunch and learn at Credo Conduit (Ivanhoe)

🎶 Jam with Someday Honey (feat. Kaleigh Baker), Blue Streak Mamas, and Kristopher James at this big show at Will's Pub (Mills 50)

⚽️ Show your pride for Orlando City SC as the team takes on Atlanta United FC (Parramore)

One more thing

We spoke to Eddy Moratin, director of Lift Orlando, on yesterday’s episode of 15 Minutes in Pulptown. Did you give it a listen? We talked about the org’s work in the West Lakes community, what inspired his life of service, and the future of affordable housing in this town. Head here to give it a go if you haven’t already and if you know of someone we should have on the show next, send me an email with the subject line: For the podcast

That’ll do it for today. See you back here tomorrow!

– ✌️ Katie at Pulptown

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