Plus, meet Equitable Giving Circle.
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😋 How to eat like a Trail Blazer

Plus, meet Equitable Giving Circle.

It’s Tuesday.

Hot DOG we got some snow this past weekend! Were you able to get out and enjoy our Portland version of a winter wonderland? Did you take part in this masked, downtown ski race? If so, send in your photos to share with your fellow readers or tag #bridgeliner on Instagram. 

To kick things off, here are a few pictures I snapped while out walking over the weekend. 

That fresh-fallen snow. (📸: Cassie Ruud) 

Wintery lights. (📸: Cassie Ruud) 

For today’s news round-up, we have: The parts of the snowstorm that made us go “snow way,” a spotlight on an amazing local nonprofit, the latest COVID-19 numbers, and how to eat like a Portland Trail Blazer. Scroll on for more. 

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Let’s dive in.

📸 Instagram of the Day

And snow it goes. | Tag #bridgeliner to be featured here. (📸:@jnthnblk

3 things to know today 

🌨️ A weekend snowstorm meant icy roads, downed trees, and power outages. And while the rest of the frost is expected to melt in the coming days, hundreds of thousands of Oregonians are still without power, and roads should still be navigated with extreme caution. Get the rest of the details from The Oregonian

💉 The Oregon Health Authority reported 250+ new COVID-19 cases over the weekend. But no new deaths. Get the latest case numbers and vaccination chart information here

⚖️ Portland police don’t meet federal use of force requirements, U.S. Dept. of Justice lawyers said, after it was discovered that the PPB used excessive force on people with mental illness. According to The Oregonian, “the Justice Department directed the Police Bureau to complete a comprehensive after-action review of all crowd-control events from May 29 to Nov. 15, identifying any force used that should be referred for an internal investigation.”

3 things to make you smile

😋 Wanna eat like a Portland Trail Blazer? Well, here’s how you can do that. But keep in mind — you’ll have to wait for away games to do so. 

💗 Heavy snow meant playtime for the Oregon Zoo’s residents. And while the same snowstorm meant no visitors, you can still check out Pabu the Red Panda and his friends frolicking in the snow here. Also a bonus video of Pabu having a big ol’ cronch on some bamboo. 

🍞 Pssst — hey, wanna get that bread? Here’s a list of standout Portland bakeries to satiate your carbohydrate cravings. One you love not on the list? Hit reply to this email and let us know. 

💖 Six questions with Equitable Giving Circle

Readers, I want to tell you about an amazing local organization doing their part to create and inspire economic empowerment within Portland’s BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities. 

Equitable Giving Circle has been doing some truly wonderful work for the Portland community since their establishment in 2020.

We got to interview EGC's Executive Director AJ McCreary on what this organization all about and how to support them. What follow is our interview, edited for length and clarity.

What is EGC focused on as a local nonprofit? 

EGC is focused on making economic impacts in our local BIPOC economy, while also offering community care in holistic and thoughtful ways.

How many families in the Portland area have you helped since you started in 2020? 

590 in total, we serve about 500 families weekly.

What does investment in the Portland community mean to EGC and how have you implemented that?

Investment in our local BIPOC community is all about economics. Social services without thought regarding long term independence through economics is performative, and EGC is anything but that. We are spending the funds we raise in our local BIPOC economy. We have spent over $800K in the local BIPOC community to date mainly through our food purchases both from BIPOC Farmers and food purveyors.

What are some ways that people can support you right now — what would help you all keep doing what you’re doing? 

People can donate, we really want to get our monthly donor support up. If 10K people donated $25 or more a month we would be able to stabilize our work and scale. We are hoping more folks will come on board as monthly donors, and invite their personal and professional networks to match them.

Any upcoming events or cool things on the horizon you want people to know about? 

We have a monthly lunch and learn coming up Feb. 24, and also another round of Curated Boxes dropping.

Where can people learn more about EGC and how to help? 

Folks can visit our website at, donate, and sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Want to check out EGC in the news? Check out this video interview from KGW, this article from Willamette Week, and this feature from Portland Monthly to get started. 

😋 A giveaway for you

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☝️One more thing …

Do you remember Rojo the Llama?

After his passing in 2019, Portland mourned the loss of the copper-colored, gentle camelid. 

In a memorable tribute, you can see (and touch) Rojo now at the Washington State School for the Blind in Vancouver, in taxidermy form. 

Rojo visited the school often in his life, and now will help visually impaired students experience a tactile safari. Willamette Week has the rest of the story in this heartfelt article

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That’s all for today folks — see you here tomorrow. 

-Cassie at Bridgeliner

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