Plus, a lunch and learn with Equitable Giving Circle.

📜 The new statue looking over Portland

Plus, a lunch and learn with Equitable Giving Circle.

It’s Tuesday.

Hey. Guess what? It’s National Banana Bread Day today. Got a standby recipe as your go to? If not, no worries; here’s where you can grab a delicious slice and support local businesses. 

For today’s news round-up, we have: A bill to end hair discrimination for Black Oregonians, science to let you know when it’s “all clear,” a beautiful and historical tribute on Mount Tabor, and a delicious lunch and learn with Equitable Giving Circle. 

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3 things to know today 

💉 One COVID-19 shot or two? Local vaccine experts want to know. A recent study from Israel found “found a 60% reduction in positive cases compared to the unvaccinated group after just one shot,” according to KATU, which has local experts wondering about the benefits of a single dose. 


⚖️ State Rep. Janelle Bynum is sponsoring a bill outlawing hair discrimation against Black people. The bill is similar to one in Washington and California; it “prohibits discrimination based on race-based hairstyles by extending statutory protection to hair texture and protective styles such as braids, locs, twists, and knots in the workplace and public schools,” according to the advocacy group Forward Together Action. Bynum introduced the bill — known as the CROWN Act — on Monday. To read the bill go here

🔬Some Portlanders invented a way to see if a surface is disinfected enough to kill COVID-19. Using cardboard-like coasters and stickers, AllClir helps people visually identify if a surface — like a restaurant table — is safe from the virus, according to KGW

3 things to make you smile / feel big feelings

📜 A statue bust of York appeared over the weekend on Mount Tabor. York was an enslaved member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, and the accompanying plaque to the bust reads: “The first African American to cross North America and reach the Pacific Coast.” At this point, we don’t know who created and placed the bust, but Portland Parks said the statue can stay. It replaces a statue of Harvey Scott — an anti-suffragist — that was pulled down last fall by protesters. Read the rest of the story here

🐱 Delilah the kitten is really good at fetch. And she needs a furr-ever friend, according to the Multnomah County Animal Services. Want to bring home a little purring sports star and her sister Ottilie? Go here

🇵🇭 Two Portland sisters are bringing vegan Filipino fare to a pop-up near you. Here’s how to get some

💡 A delicious learning opportunity with Equitable Giving Circle

Readers, the amazing folks at Equitable Giving Circle are hosting a Lunch & Learn tomorrow — and if you haven’t signed up yet, then what are you doing with your life? 

We interviewed EGC Executive Director AJ McCreary to get a peek behind the scenes on this event. What follows is our interview, edited for length and clarity. 

What can attendees expect at the lunch and learn, and what should they bring in terms of questions and listening? 

Our lunch and learn is a monthly hour-long talk where two folks from our leadership team dissect a topic and how it intersects with race and equity. This next lunch and learn we will be talking about ways to intentionally celebrate Black folks — what that means, what that looks like.

We hope folks get inspired by the conversations we have and do a deeper diver afterwards. We’ll share resources to help encourage that.

What are some immediate ways Portlanders can support and celebrate BIPOC communities in our city? 

Fund our work, prioritize our voices. Give up seats of power and influence to BIPOC folks, particularly Black and Indigenous folks. Often folks think of celebrating as a cake and confetti, but it's more than that. Celebrate our genius by allowing us to lead. Celebrate our existence by giving us resources to thrive.

How else can folks get involved in EGC? 

We post our event links on our website on our calendar page. If you want to do more than just attend a lunch and learn, sponsor the series so we can grow the work.

Want to learn more about EGC and the great work they do in the Portland community? Visit them at their website, and learn how you can get involved

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That moment when ... you found out you won our giveaway! (📸: Courtesy of Take Two Foods)

Congrats to our lucky reader, Sarah B., who won a four-pack of Barleymilk. Ready to snag a taste for yourself? You can pick up Barleymilk in four yummy flavors at Whole Foods, Market of Choice, and New Seasons Markets or get it shipped directly to your home.

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That’s all for today folks — see you here tomorrow. 

-Cassie at Bridgeliner

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