Plus, an Incline story for you from the archives.

🍕 What’s your go-to spot for junk food in the Burgh?

Plus, an Incline story for you from the archives. 

By The Incline Staff

Hey there and happy hump day, Pittsburgh!

When’s the last time you thought hard about your favorite junk food dining spots in the Burgh? Redditor u/LockedOutOfElfland posed the question recently on the Pittsburgh subreddit and found that hey, locals have some opinions about their go-tos for greasy goodness. The poster claimed 98K Hamburger in Squirrel Hill and Black Lotus Pizza in Bloomfield to be their faves — what about you? Where are you calling in a pickup to the next day after drinking that one extra glass of wine the night before? Compare notes with the Redditor and then send us an email so we know for next time too. 

As a reminder, this week we’re sharing stories pulled from The Incline’s archives. But don’t worry — we’ll be back with our usual daily news roundup in the next week or so. 😉Until then…


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📖 Gather around for storytime, Pittsburgh 

If you’ve driven around the city, you’ve likely noticed the familiar Shen Yun billboards promoting the world-renowned dance performance. But how has this production acquired so much visibility in Pittsburgh through the years? 

We’ve pulled this story out of The Incline archives to share the scoop on why you can’t seem to escape Shen Yun, and the backstory behind why you may not want to.

Back in the halcyon days of 2019, then-Incline Co-Director Colin Deppen dove deep into the trenches to discover where the troupe’s endless marketing budget came from and why it’s so interested in finding an audience in the western hemisphere. In the process, he snagged memes of the highest quality from the miasma of the internet, our favorite being: A Shen Yun Billboard Outside of Ebbing, Missouri. (By the way, if you’ve never seen the film it’s referencing — Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri — we highly recommend you give it a go!)

Get the full scoop on why you can’t escape Shen Yun billboards in The Steel City here

And shout out to Incline reader Stacy F. for reminding us about this great piece when she shared it on Facebook to acknowledge the return of the performance this month.

Out of curiosity, have any Incline readers ever attended one for themselves? By all accounts, it’s a stunning show, and tickets are on sale now for its Jan. 21-23 run at The Benedum Center for the Performing Arts.

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🎟 Remember Betty White and all the gals at “That Golden Girls Show”, a parody with puppets happening at Byham Theater thru Thursday, Jan. 13 (Cultural District

🤓 Double up on Betty White and the “Golden Girls” with a themed trivia night (Strip District)

💃 Move your body during a community African dance class led by Makhissa Camara (Homewood)


❓ Reserve your spot for some “fetch” 2000s trivia at Galley (Bakery Square


🗣️ Learn about the dangerous women that inspired art of the Victorian era during this virtual gallery talk hosted by The Frick (Online)

😂 Laugh with Jim Jefferies live at Carnegie Music Hall (Oakland)


🍪 Explore our city and state’s immigrant history during the turn of the 20th century with a deep dive into the beloved cookie table (Strip District

🎨 Learn to carve your next masterpiece in clay during a workshop at Contemporary Craft (Lawrenceville)


🍺 Sip on a brew while hanging with your furry best friend at Pups & Pints at Helltown Taphouse (Strip District)

💃 Dance like nobody’s watching at this silent disco party (Homestead)


🗣️ Follow storyteller Dr. Nelson Harrison on a journey of the Pittsburgh Jazz community (Online

🎨 Bring the kiddos to celebrate MLK day at the Pittsburgh Glass Center (Bloomfield)


🎨 Learn how to use a laser cutter at this hands-on DIY workshop (Bloomfield)

📚 Hear a reading from Emma Riva’s debut novel “Night Shift” in Tamaqua at Riverstone Books (Squirrel Hill)

One more thing… 

Okay, we’ve gotta know: Where’s the weirdest place you’ve seen a Shen Yun advertisement? Let’s have a laugh. Send your responses to and we’ll share them with our readers in a newsletter later this week.

Back at it again tomorrow! 

— The Incline staff

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