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April/May 2015 Newsletter
Dear Friends,

So, what's been happening at Rehoboth ?
  • Cedric has been adopted ! See him here with his forever family.
  • We have welcomed two new baby boys and a two new baby girls
  • After so many years of faithful service, our beloved Mama Fe and Papa Ken are going on a year sabbatical. Read what's happening at Rehoboth while they are away and how you can pray for them and Rehoboth.
  • Rehoboth Clinic continues to thrive and be busy, and is on the way to self sufficiency. We could still use some help in this "getting started" stage. Can you help? We have had 10 babes born - even a set of twins !!
  • it's been birthday time again - cake, ice cream and spaghetti !
  • The Rehoboth Early Learning Center had their graduation ceremony. Such a special day.
  • See the photos of the Kuehne and Nagel Valentines Day party.
  • Jen and Dave Steer from Australia are living and serving at Rehoboth for a year. Read about them below 
  • Some beautiful volunteer teams have been onsite. A wonderful group of Australian women treated our children and the community to a holiday kids club and our staff to a very retro celebration. An energized youth team from Suburban Baptist Church in Werribee, Victoria moved the toddler play equipment and spent lots of quality time with the kids. 
  • The AGM/Board meeting happened at the end of March. Thank you for committing this to prayer. Please continue to pray for our Board and members as they make decisions regarding Rehoboth.
Thanks for keeping up to date with everything Rehoboth. 


Cedric has a forever family!!

Congratulations to the Carless family from Australia who welcomed Cedric in to their family last week. What a wonderful forever family! We will miss Cedric at Rehoboth, but we are so happy that he is happy in his forever family.

Please pray for them as they get to know each other and begin this walk through life together.

New faces at Rehoboth !

This past month we welcomed 4 new babies to Rehoboth. Baby Boy D was born early at 29 weeks and was admitted to Rehoboth 6 weeks later. He was just 1.1kg (2lb 7 oz) upon admission. Thankfully his is getting stronger every day and growing well. Please pray for his health and strength. He is very delicate.
We also welcomed Baby Girl H who is 4 months old and Baby Boy S, 5 months old and Baby Girl F who is 18 months old.**

Please keep these little ones in your prayers. Pray also for their birth families, whatever their circumstance, and also for wisdom for the social workers who are finding the best outcomes for them to have a loving and caring family.

**we have tightened our policies on naming bubs with their images in our newsletter. This is for the privacy of the children and helps us navigate the ICAB and DSWD regulations. We hope you understand.

Rehoboth Clinic Update

Rehoboth Clinic has been busy! 10 babies have been born to local parents at the clinic and we referred and transported one mother to hospital for a c-section. Juanita, the Director of the Paanakan (Birthing Home) is such a capable administrator.
The midwives are at the clinic 24 hours to handle many other types of simple medical procedures as well, such as stitching lacerations, treating wounds, giving first aid to a small child with 2nd degree burns, piercing ears, performing IV re-hydrations, administering injections, and much more. They are a great boost to RCH and the Sampaloc community, though the community is not yet fully aware of our presence. We are working on making it more widely known.

We are working hard to get PhilHealth accredited so the clinic will be self sustaining and not need donation support. As we are so new and have only a small number of patients, we are running at a loss. You can help fill the gap for the first few months by donating here.

Please pray for a pediatrician, a dentist and other doctors to join us. That will improve patient numbers greatly in a town with no steady doctor. Please also pray for office support - either a volunteer or funds enough for a salaried position. We'd love this person to be innovative in setting up office procedures and systems to improve our efficiency and capacity as we grow.

Please also pray for the newborn financing program we would like to implement. It would not only function as a savings plan for the mothers (with sponsorships by family/friends), but help link the moms with each other for support and growth. It would include group baby showers and monthly gifts to help encourage regular pre-natal care. We are hoping this program would improve mother and baby care and provide an opportunity for further education on pregnancy and infant care.

Help the Clinic - here are the most urgent needs.
*DOH is the Department of Health. These items will help us get PhilHealth accredited - a huge step toward self sufficiency.
Medical Clinic Needs approx $ Philippine Peso
Mobile pedestal cabinet 3 drawers  $88  3,500
Wooden table for consultation area  $63  2,500
Cabinet for sterilization room (DOH* Regulation)  $100  4,000
Utility room faucet (DOH Regulation)  $85  3,400
Utility room window (DOH Regulation)  $125  5,000
Utility room electrical (DOH Regulation)  $100  4,000
Utility room door and doorknob (DOH Regulation)  $45  1,800
Utility room airhose for dental compressor  $13  500
IV stand  $33  1,300
Lockers--12-doors for staff  $188  7,500
Replacement fan/light for delivery bathroom  $70  2,800
Marketing (signs, 'meet the midwife' discussion refreshments, flyers)  $125  5,000
A camera (this could be donated directly)    
Cover the current deficit due to low patient numbers up to $1000  
Thank God for the people we have on staff! They are doing great work! The reaction from the community is positive. 
Mama Fe and Papa Ken on a year Sabbatical.

After much thought and prayer, Mama Fe and Papa Ken are, in just a few days, going to embark on a year sabbatical leave from Rehoboth.

Mama Fe has been tirelessly working at Rehoboth since far before it opened, beginning her journey washing clothes and doing other domestic chores for Bob and Barbara Morris - Rehoboth's founders. Since that time she has given her time and effort and energy - all of herself - to the work that she strongly believes she is called to by God. She has studied and worked full time to become not only a social worker but also the administrator of Rehoboth - covering HR, Operations, Finance, Board duties, as well as closely working with each child who enters Rehoboth. She has been a mentor to the staff and a picture of grace to everyone she meets. Understandably, this work has at times been overwhelming and difficult - taking a toll on her body and spirit. Thankfully she has been sustained by our Heavenly Father in those times when it all seemed too much as well as Him putting in her path people for her to pour out her heart. One of those people is her husband Ken, aka Papa Ken to the Rehoboth kids.

Ken and Fe were married in early 2012 and since that time Ken has humbly and graciously volunteered at Rehoboth, setting up the clinic operations, being a Papa to the kids and helping tirelessly whenever and wherever there were hands needed. His days are full. He faithfully and without complaint works to ensure things are running as smoothly as possible. His humble act of service.

Both of these wonderful people are faithful in their devotion of God, and, from my perspective, are the epitome of working for His glory. They seek His will and spend time with their heavenly Father daily - knowing Him more so they can serve Him best. Their lives are a shining light of God's grace.

They will, of course, be sorely missed in their time away, but we wish them the very best in their time of rest and rejuvenation. We ask God's blessing on their lives as they spend time overseas with family and away from the pressure of constant 24/7 work. We know God will use them wherever they are, whomever they speak to, as their lives are a testament to Him. 

While they are away, there is a team of competent and skilled workers stepping in to their roles. Sarah Tibben will assume the role of Officer in Charge of Operations, Loida will continue in her role in Finance, Pauline will head up social work, Ailyn will work in HR, Eric will continue with Maintenance and Building and Juanita will oversee the clinic. Please pray for them as they undertake their duties, asking for strength, resilience and perseverance. Please pray for wisdom is decision making, confidence to use the skills they have to the best of their ability and peace in the absence of the familiar faces of Ken and Fe. Rehoboth is in good hands, it is in God's hands with his servants whom he has prepared to do this work. 

Happy Birthday !

Enjoy these photos of birthday at Rehoboth. One of our boys celebrated with cake, spagetti and fried banana and a little impromptu "face painting" - with the cream from the cake. The kids had such a great time.

Volunteers and Visitors Update

Rehoboth had some fantastic teams visit in the past month.

Donna Nauta headed up a team of beautiful women who came to serve onsite at Rehoboth. The team came together from both sides of Australia to run a children's outreach program in the local community as well as spend quality time with the kids at Rehoboth and take the older children and staff to a day out swimming and a BBQ lunch at Momarco Resort. They also provided much needed rice to families in need from the local community and treated the staff to a retro party on their last night. The staff were blessed with personalized gifts for their families and encouraged as these women came alongside them in their daily work.
The youth from Suburban Baptist church in Werribee, Australia also served onsite at Rehoboth. Their fun-loving energy and passion for the kids was constant. They dug up and moved the toddler playground from the original site to across the road, outside the new baby home. They ran a Sportsfest for the kids and staff and Rehoboth was enriched by their presence. Suburban Baptist is Sarah's home church, so it was a wonderful encouragement to have some of her church family visit. Our friend Joanna was on the team and also Sally, who have both visited Rehoboth a number of times. 
We thank God for the volunteers. They give Rehoboth what we can not provide in the every day. They bring themselves and a willing heart to serve where they are needed, and do so with gusto. Each person offers a unique part of themselves to the kids and staff. Thank you for giving your time, energy and resources to Rehoboth.

Kuehne and Nagel Valentines Day Party !

WOW ! What an extravaganza ! The lovely people from Kuehne and Nagel came to Rehoboth for Valentines day, with lots of interesting activities for the children; art, reading, games, music and even our friend Jollibee !  They were so creative and thoughtfully paired up each of their group members with the children. Thank you for such an exciting, stimulating and fun filled day. 

Jen and Dave Steer

Jen and Dave have packed up their life in Australia and committed to serving at Rehoboth for a whole year. Their focus is on helping where Rehoboth needs them and spending quality time with the children in small groups. They are staying in the pond house at Rehoboth and their plan is to host Rehoboth children in their home for special meal times, movie nights and family type activities as well as play time activities in the afternoons. They hope to give the kids some experience of what life may look like with a forever family. They will also help onsite wherever they can with maintenance, admin tasks and to be that extra pair of hands when they are needed. Please pray for them as they serve the staff and kids at Rehoboth.
RELC Graduation !
Rehoboth Early Learning Center had their graduation ceremony in March. Thank you to our Australian visitors for accompanying Rehoboth kids in the processional and to Donna Nauta who gave the graduation address complete with puppet show ! The teachers and students have worked hard this year. Thank you for your efforts. It was a proud moment when the children dressed up and shared what they want to be when they grow up. They were so brave to get up in front of the crowd to speak. Careers like doctors, nurses, teachers, army captains. (see photos below). A special farewell to Teacher Jerah who is leaving Rehoboth to explore new opportunities in education. We appreciate your years of service and will miss you dearly.
When I grow up....

Next newsletter look for

Rehoboth at a Glace

with basic info on budgets, needs and kid statistics.
Do you have or know anyone with skills that might be able to help Rehoboth? Do you have the resources to get onsite? Fill in the volunteer interest form on our website. 
Prayer Requests
  • newly adopted children and their families - for smooth transitions.
  • for the children at Rehoboth who are waiting for a forever family. Pray that the paperwork process for upcoming matching and adoptions goes as quickly as possible, knowing that the best outcome for each child may take time.
  • Pray for the social workers who take on the responsibility of working with families in the community, as well as the local and international adoption processes.    
  • the staff at Rehoboth - that they will know the valuable work they undertake every day and how much they are appreciated by the children, their forever families and the volunteers.
  • the board and administrators - that they will have wisdom in decision making.
  • the medical clinic - continue to thank God for his provision of the midwives and prayers for more staff and resources to fully develop all services as needed by the local community.
  • Thankfulness for the support of Rehoboth from volunteers and donors. Prayer for the yearly needs to be met so Rehoboth can faithfully and responsibly continue to serve children in need from the Rizal province.
  • the local Sampaloc community - for family unity and stability and that one day, the resources and services of Rehoboth are no longer needed.
Rehoboth Sampaloc Ministries Mission Statement
Transforming families and providing alternative futures for children in crisis, based on God's model of love and care, through child and family-oriented programs, projects and services.
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