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Happy June!

Summer greetings from Barcelona!

Hello TutoTOONS friends!

Ready to know what's new at TutoTOONS this month? Photo-update on BCN artist exchange, TutoTRIPS to Berlin and local parks, exciting TutoTOONS V3 upgrades, best game creators of May and tips to get inspired. Let's get started!


In mid-May, TutoTOONS went to The Kids Want Mobile 2016, Europe´s first kids mobile conference for probably everyone in kids app industry, hosted by Fox & Sheep in the heart of Berlin, where we also met our partners KIDOZ. Read and see more from TKWM16 on our blog.

Taking the Work Outside

TutoTOONS Builder brainstorming workshop
Recently, TutoTOONS held a few out-of-office brainstorming sessions in Kaunas and Barcelona. Results show that generating new ideas away from your normal workplace frees your mind from the daily tasks and is much more fun and productive, especially with summer in the air. Try this at home!

New TutoTOONS V3 Features

More Fun with Drag & Drop

Boost your Drag & Drop and Drag & Drop with Tool games with these new features!

Randomize Object Positions: Open Scene Settings, check this box and game objects will appear in random positions every time the player opens this game scene.
Randomize Object Position
Randomize Object Position
Randomize Object Position
Stop / Change Idle Animation: Now you can stop or play a different animation when the game object is dragged and dropped to its position. Here's how:
  • Add a game object to Drag & Drop game scene.
  • Add Idle Animation to the game object.
  • Add a different Idle Animation to the target (or select Do Nothing to stop the animation).
  • In the game, when the object is dragged to the target, it plays the animation set to the target.

New Animations

Wave Up & Down: Great idle animation if you want to make your game objects move up and down nicely in the game scene. Note that this animation is available for those game objects that cannot be moved [directly] by the player. Examples: simple images, the target in Drag & Drop games or the game object in Drag & Drop with Tool games.
New Animations
Jump: Add this click animation to images in your game scene and they will jump every time the player press on them. Also works with some game objects!

Smart Object in Sticker Book

Add a trophy stand or empty sticker album as a Smart Object in the Sticker Book scene and let the players see their trophies, stickers or awards in the game map. Here's how:
  • Add a Smart Object and stickers to Sticker Book game scene.
  • Replace the branch image with the smart object.
  • In the game, when the player collects a reward, it will appear together with the Smart Object in the map.
Smart Object in Sticker Book
Smart Object in Sticker Book
Tip: If you want to test this feature in your game, open the game in preview mode and tap the star at the top of the scene. You will level up and collect stickers without playing the game.

Background Opacity

Now you can change the opacity of the scene background in Scene Settings. The two main uses: easy way to make the game background lighter and extra help in positioning game objects and images while building the game.
Background Opacity
Background Opacity
Background Opacity

One last update to this list - drag & drop file upload - lets you upload your files straight from the folder to TutoTOONS Builder (works with Chrome and Opera browsers).

Don't forget to check out the best artists, their games and insights. Enjoy your summer, get a nice tan, create beautiful games and see you in July!


TutoTOONS Team


TOP 5 Game Creators of May

Harry Leung
#1 Harry Leung
iconZooville Animal Town
Downloads: 238,000

Ian Steve
#2 Ian Steve
iconAngelina's Beauty Salon
Downloads: 236,000

Filipe Laurentino
#3 Filipe Laurentino
iconCandy City Fun   
Downloads: 169,000

Daria Petrova
#4 Daria Petrova
iconDoll House Cleanup
Downloads: 166,000

Olga Vasilevskaya
#5 Olga Vasilevskaya
iconPrincess Sweet Boutique
Downloads: 100,000


Tips from Game Creators

My Cute Dog Bella character desging process

"Use a more straight and simplified perspective that is very consistent across the scenes - like most simple games for kids do. That would definitely make it much easier to plan scenes."

Meet Marcin Kolwas, creator of My Cute Dog Bella >>

Zooville Animal Town

"If it is your first game, I would say keep it small and let it be something you are interested in. Stay focus, set milestones and deadlines, and try your best to stick with it."

Meet Harry Leung, creator of Zooville Animal Town >>

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