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Contents : RAW Essen week raises the question of spillover effect for the territories, David Lacombled update on the relationship between music and digital, ARTE has an Open Invitation, and as every month find articles and drawing that have marked the life of "Culture is Future"
CATALYSE – Research & Action Week in Essen

The research and action week (RAW) of the EU-funded project CATALYSE, that the three partners Forum d’Avignon (Paris), BM 30 (Bilbao), and ecce (Dortmund), perform in 2013 and 2014, is a three day interactive and transnational collaboration of 30 participants with the focus on "cross-sectoral innovations in urban development through culture and creative industries".  RAW is carried out by each partner through an Hackaton for the Forum d’Avignon (October – November 2013) and in Bilbao, on 4-5 March 2014.
“RAW ESSEN” led by ecce follows the Forum d´Avignon Ruhr, June 27-28 2013, and will be held october 24 to 26 2013 in Essen City-North, which is in itself a Creative Quarter in the Ruhr Region. Thus the basis for RAW ESSEN is already a spatial setting for urban change by investments of the culture department of Essen since 2011.

The topics at RAW ESSEN focus the question “How do investments in culture and creative industries spillover in the urban space?”
For this question, a study was commissioned in accordance with the CATALYSE program, which was presented at the Forum d'Avignon Ruhr in June 2013. At the same time a concrete spillover idea has been developed at the Forum d' Avignon Ruhr that serves as a show-case of the results found in the research: This idea titled "Shaking Hans" is a practical case corresponding to the theoretical results of the study. At RAW these results in theory and practice are discussed and further developed – reaching from benchmarking best-practices throughout Europe (theory) to a concrete project plan for “Shaking Hans” (practice).
Based on this dual interlinking approach of research and practice CATALYSE aims to raise awareness amongst cultural actors and citizens in Europe - by the transnational cooperation in Spain, France and Germany – how concretely culture is an investment for the activation of regions and cities. CATALYSE wants to function as an enabler, as a catalytic process for concrete actions based on research evidence and knowledge.

Top contribution
09/12/2013 : Contribution : "Music and digital, from a tsunami to an optimistic wind" by David Lacombled

The music is the cultural sector which has been the first to go through what could be called the "digital invasion". Even before the advent of the general public of Internet, it has dealt with the birth of CD ... Read the article
09/23/2013 : Open Invitation : Arte

Arte is a public and culturel european chanel adressing to all the curious and open-minded viewers in Europe, and specially in Fance and Germany. Read the article
09/19/2013 : Cartooning for peace attends the International Meetings of the Forum d'Avignon

Kofi Annan, Nobel Peace Prize and former Secretary General of the UN, and Plantu, cartoonist for le Monde and l'express, gathered on 16 October 2006 at the UN headquarters in New York ... Read the  article
10/08/2013 : Forum d'Avignon Debate summary : Are ICC able to take advantage of Big Data ?

Paris, 2013, Septembre 17. Big Data unleashes all kind of fantasies, and with them the most divergent opinions, as many promises are possible. In terms of data mining, companies are accused of doing too ... Read the article
10/09/2013 : When free access does not (always) rhyme with democratization

Study after study, free access is not sufficient to democratize culture. It must be accompanied by a detailed knowledge of audiences and their constraints. Last example ... Read the article
Drawing of the month
09/09/2013 : Drawing of the week - New cultural habits by DONNELLY.

View the drawing on our website
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