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Dear Supporter

The above message has been sent out from the Reinstatement Bill campaign team to all supporters of the Bill. We hope that you will join in and lobby your MP to go and meet Peter as detailed above on the 30 and 31 January and make sure MPs turn up in sufficient numbers on this occasion to stop a filibuster should the second reading take place.

The NHS is political. The government creates our laws. Successive laws since 1990 have changed the model of the NHS to a competitive market system completed in 2012 with the Health and Social Care Act. Only legislation can return it to a public service and only government creates legislation.

That's why the NHS is political and that's why the NHA exists.

We have no desire to return to a mythical 'NHS' rooted somewhere in the past. We want a modern, effective and efficient NHS. But that is not incompatible in any way with public ownership and delivery. There is a tendency to equate 'modern' with 'private' but in healthcare private actually means greater expense on the services which support the private delivery itself. That can be inflated property charges, the cost of running competitive tenders, the transaction costs involved in competing businesses (such as CCGs, Trusts, private and voluntary sector NHS providers) billing each other, management consultancies running 're-branding' exercises and more. All this is taking £billions from the NHS.

The Reinstatement Bill represents the legal changes we need to see in order to restore the NHS to a public service which we believe is so vital to ensuring that healthcare is accessible, universal and comprehensive.

Best wishes

Deborah and Jessica
NHA campaign team
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