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There is an explosion of activity around the country over the Sustainability and Transformation Plans. New campaign groups are forming and established ones are stepping up a gear as the cuts in services start to become apparent everywhere, well in advance of any plans being published. That's because, don't forget, these plans are not new, they are an acceleration of the 5 Year Forward View. Here is a round up of some of the important campaign events that are happening round the country in the coming weeks. Please join in. This is no time for 'clictivism' we need people turning up for public meetings, writing those letters, going to MPs' surgeries to demand a halt to this destruction.

The private sector is ready and waiting in the wings. As Dr Helen Salisbury our candidate in the Witney by-election says, "What in the world are STPs? Sustainability and Transformation Plans, designed to deliver better care for less money and better access to care even though lots of the hospitals and GP practices will have closed. The flying pigs will follow shortly afterwards.
I did a little web searching to see what further information I could find, which turned up an ad from an organisation called NHiS (spookily similar to NHS) offering me an STP tracker which will keep me up to date with all the changes. It is aimed at companies who may be able to benefit (ie profit) from the coming changes. (‘Our Health Insight team are thought leaders in local market access solutions’).
The privatisation of our NHS is far advanced and the vultures are circling."

Please note: the campaigns before are not associated with the NHA Party, but we think the more organisations work together to share information the better the turnout and support is likely to be. But though many of these groups are resolutely non party political we stand by our position that the NHS is very political indeed.

On Monday 10 October in London
Campaign groups from all over England converge on London on Monday in the nation’s first coordinated protest against STP – ‘sustainability and transformation’ plans that will finally end the NHS as we know it. (see side panel for details).

Across the country there will be other campaigns you can join in which are local to you.
We have listed some on our side panel, but there are many others. Please let us know and we will help publicise them. You can add them to our events calendar at yourself, if you are a party member.


Today 6 October If you are in Headland & Harbour ward of HARTLEPOOL then you will be going to the polls. Vote for Robert Price, our NHA candidate. If you don't live there, but know someone who does, make sure you let them know. Dr Helen Salisbury is standing as our parliamentary candidate in the WITNEY by-election. One of the very best ways to make sure our voice is heard is to have well-informed campaigners elected to represent us at all levels of government.

Saturday 22 October Save Wycombe Hospital is planning a protest in High Wycombe in the afternoon. Find them on Facebook.

Saturday 8 October in Bideford Save Our Hospital Services Devon will be meeting from 10am-1.00pm outside the Co-op to distribute publicity and engage with the public to raise awareness of the proposed cuts to health services in North Devon and to publicise 'North Devon Sees Red' Day on 22 October .

Across the country as the cuts to services become more radical, so the responses grow more co-ordinated. Campaigners are successfully bringing their local newspapers on boards in some areas. Persuading NHS staff can be more difficult as they can fear for their jobs - especially with the attacks on EU and other foreign national staff from Theresa May and her government. But the more the support grows, the easier it will be. Whatever you do, don't sit still. Get out there and join the fight.

Monday 10 October London
Groups from Huddersfield, Chorley, Dewsbury, Grantham, Banbury, Lewisham, Wycombe, Epsom and other areas will be among the 13 campaign organisations to march from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street, the Department of Health and Parliament Square in a concerted effort to educate England and challenge politicians about the imminent seal on the dismantling of locally-accessible hospital services.
 Monday’s demonstration starts at Trafalgar Square at noon. Campaign groups handing petitions to No 10 Downing Street (Chorley, Huddersfield and Banbury) will depart for handovers taking place at 12.30pm, 1pm and 1.30pm respectively.
These groups will rejoin the main march and demonstration at the Department of Health where campaigners will ensure that petitions are delivered to Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt.
The united demonstration will then move on to Parliament Square for a final rally.
Vicky Penner from the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign is the link person for the day in London  07770 941337
Public Meeting 13 October in ELY
5pm - 7pm Ely Library, the Cloisters, Ely, Cambridgeshire re the threatened cuts to community hospitals and intermediate care. With apologies to those of you who don't use Facebook, here's the link.
Public Meeting 20 October in South West London
7.30 - 9.30pm Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Avenue, SM1 4DP
We LOVE the North Devon 'Seeing Red' Campaign and think it could well be adapted and adopted by many other campaigns as a unifying theme. They have created badges which are white with a simple red line through them. With no writing on them they are perfect for NHS staff to wear at work to show solidarity. Good talking point too. They have marched around their hospital and in town wearing plain red and tying red ribbons to trees and railings. They say they were told that their STP 'has no red lines'. They are determined to show that their campaign does. North Devon Sees Red Day is on 22 October. Find them on their Facebook page.
Grantham's Hospital Campaign has a packed month they are calling 'ACTober'. The hospital's staff passed a vote of no confidence in their medical director for closing their A&E overnight. Campaigners in Grantham are organising a march on 29 OCTOBER starting at 11am from the Guildhall.
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