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Afghanistan Legal Ed Project News

Prof. Erik Jensen, faculty director of ALEP, recently returned from a Stanford co-sponsored conference in D.C. focused on financial and security support necessary to stabilize Afghanistan. In this Q&A, Jensen discusses the conference, ALEP, and the importance of legal education for this developing democracy as it emerges from civil strife and war.

Women in Silicon Valley

Prof. Deborah Rhode discusses the current state of sex discrimination law in light of the lawsuit by Ellen Pao against VC firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield & Byers.

Faculty on Point: Immigration

Prof. Jayashri Srikantiah discusses the impact legal representation has on deportation cases and the damage prolonged detainment can have on families of illegal immigrants.

SLS Stream Flow Restoration Report

In an upcoming report, SLS students from a Policy Lab practicum on stream flow restoration recommend administrative best practices to balance the interests of water users with healthy ecosystems.

IP Clinic News

Juelsgaard IP Clinic students submitted comments to the FDA on behalf of pharmacogenomics researchers, urging the FDA to avoid regulations that could stifle innovation.
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Upcoming Events @ SLS

April 6: Constitutional Conversation with Larry Kramer: "Popular Constitutionalism"
April 11: Stanford Public Interest Law Foundation 23rd Annual Bid for Justice Auction

April 22: Why China's Guiding Cases Matter?

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