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MARCH 2016


In diversity... unity in declaring the glory of Jesus Christ!

Yirgachefe, Ethiopia: Over thirty thousand gather to worship and hear the preaching of God's Word for four days!

Oh, what hunger for the Bread of Life, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the "choir movement" in Ethiopia.

Birthed in the persecution of the iron fist of communism in the underground church, the youth emerge to sing of the faithfulness of God and His deliverance. The crowd and all of us moved to tears then to joy cries with the "illilta" li-li-li-li! A taste of heaven on earth!

A great reunion with my son, Drew, from South Africa!

I had not seen Drew in over a year. My father's heart was overjoyed in this God-given reunion. So proud of him as he shared, in beautiful Amharic, what it meant to return to the place of his childhood to share the priority of Jesus in his life. A powerful testimony to the thousands who listened and welcomed him home.

Teaching at the Harding Bible School.

40 students preparing themselves in a two year Amharic Bible program to be effective church leaders and missionaries in Ethiopia and beyond. 

Helicoptered in to the remote T'ara people in SW Ethiopia.

Thanking the Lord for Helimission based out of Switzerland for their service to reach people with the gospel where other vehicles can not go. On this ridge, we were the first foreigners these people had ever seen. Thanks to SIM's Ben Skaggs who sacrifices much to continue this pioneer work with these "little people" who are seemingly forgotten.

Extracting teeth

Here Rick Pretty, of Calvary Church, Charlotte, NC is available to use a pair of pliers from the helicopter to relieve this young man of a horrible toothache. Rick, an actuary, had told the Lord the he was ready and willing to do whatever God had called him to do. The emergency arose. Loved his desire to step in and help!

Prayer and praise:

Pray for the outreach to M*slims in Ethiopia. I have a picture that I wanted to include here but for security reasons I would not post. God is bringing many to Himself. We had the opportunity to hear their testimonies and share our own. A highlight of the trip!

Shortly after being there, ten churches were burned to the ground in south central Ethiopia by mobs incited by jihadist.  Pray for those believers, their safety, their strength, dependence upon God and for justice to be served. The government has responded quickly and order is restored.

Praise for tens of thousands who came to worship our living Lord and are now back in their homes and places of service for Him.

Pray for the students at the Harding Bible School. There is a need for books for the library and some scholarship help for some of the students who struggle to afford the $200 for the two year program.  Please email me if you wish to help in this need.

Our mailing address is:

WAXHAW, NC 28173


PO Box 7900
Charlotte, NC 28241

Thanking the Lord for you, your friendship and
partnership in the gospel as we press on
to make Christ known here, in Ethiopia and beyond.

Every blessing!

Bill and Grace

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