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Located in the Gedeo Region of Ethiopia is the Harding Bible School which was dedicated in 2013 for the training of Ethiopian pastors, church leaders and missionaries.

Critical to the future of the school, is the building of a dormitory. As of now, the students are paying rent to stay in huts that are nearby with other families and are securing their own food.  I will be reviewing architectural plans with the leaders to see how this project can go forward to alleviate the high living cost and provide a means where the students will have shelter and more economic provision of food as they study the Scriptures.

Would you please pause a minute and pray for the Harding Bible School and for the generations of students who will be equipped to take the gospel to their communities and to the ends of the earth

On September 30th and returning October 10th, my son, Ryan, and I will have the privilege of going to Ethiopia. We will be encouraging the church leaders of the SIM related churches in Yiragchefe, known as KHC, where we served for many years.

Opportunity to  teach God's Word with the students at the Bible School and preach in area churches, will be a great privilege.  We will have time to collaborate with the KHC national church leaders in seeking how we can continue our partnership in the spread of the gospel and the discipling of Christ followers.

Arranging the logistics is also necessary for taking a large team of pastors and Christian workers for an Ethiopian Go Trip in February 2015.

As you pray for us, we look forward to renewing old friendships and forging new ones for God's kingdom purposes.

Current opportunities and prayer and praise items:

Last week, in Long Island, New York, my Dad and I had the rich opportunity to share about legacy and mission to about fifty New York business men. Now that was a cross cultural experience for two southern boys! How wonderful to see how the Spirit of God uses His Word to penetrate hearts and draw men closer to Himself!

To celebrate my Dad's 86th birthday while in New York, compliments to a friend who works at ESPN, we were able to see up close and personal some great tennis at the US Open Tennis Championships. A super father/son memory that will last a long, long time!

On September 11, Grace and I fly to Philadelphia to share our hearts for the Lord at Proclamation Presbyterian Church. We will also be visiting supporters and friends in Lancaster, PA.

Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in West Africa regarding the Ebola crises!  A lot of time, prayer and resources from SIM and many other agencies has been spent the past few weeks. Another of our SIM doctors has been infected and our national medical staff on the ground are continuing the arduous task of isolation and treatment. For more Ebola updates please click HERE.

As we enter the last month of our SIM financial year, we are below the mission recommendation for our support. Please pray that God would make provision to be fully supported. 

Rejoicing for people like you who have linked shields in prayer for us through the years.


Bill and Grace

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