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Pressing on and springing forward with the gospel.

Opportunities afforded to us this spring in the USA.

Bill preaching a challenge for mission at historic Aldan Union Church in Philadelphia.
Liberty University:(LR) Drew Harding, Burt Harding, Dr. Elmer Towns, Bill Harding III, Bill Harding IV

Back in the summer of 1950, fresh out of Columbia Bible College, my dad and my Uncle Burt put on a Crusade for Christ in a small town outside of Savannah, GA. A high school senior by the name of Elmer Towns, after wrestling with God, responded to the invitation to repent, receive and follow Jesus Christ. Elmer is the co-founder of Liberty University and continues to have a huge international impact for Jesus Christ. What a special reunion after so many years!
Phoenix, Arizona: What a joy to meet a humble and loving Messianic Jew, Rabbi Jonathan Burnis, and his staff at Jewish Voice Ministries International. Jonathan reaches out to the "lost tribes of Israel" some of whom are located in Ethiopia. Through short term medical and dental missions thousands are introduced to the true Messiah, Jesus Christ. Their ministry to the Jewish Gifat people of Woliso happens to be where Mom and Dad served on their first assignment with SIM back in 1954. Amazing!
Bill preaching at the graduation of new SIMers heading to their fields of ministry around the world. What a privilege to witness the caliber of these new SIM missionaries and their zeal to reach the lost for Christ. To God be the glory!
Grace and our daughter, Kara on TV!
Grace and Kara have teamed up inspiring healthy living around the world. As Stephen Ritz of The Green BRONX Machine so aptly puts..."Some see food as a PROBLEM, I see food as a SOLUTION!" And what a GREAT SOLUTION IT IS...using less that 10% of the water and space...and NO WEEDING!  On the local NBC station, they presented the Tower Garden, an areo-ponic , vertical growing system. This is how we grow our great-tasting fruit, vegetables and herbs at home on our patio with great success. To learn more click on Tower Garden at This has been a great bridge for Grace and Kara to build relationships and to share what it means to have a healthy spiritual life too.
Grace and I want to thank you for your prayers and for the way that you have stood with us through the seasons of our lives. We have just moved Grace's mom (90) from assisted living to memory care at Shell Point in Fort Myers, FL. Though a sad time, we give thanks to the Lord for her life of faithfulness to the Lord and for the provision of this wonderful place to care for her.

Rejoicing today for the blessings of the seen and the unseen that come from our Heavenly Father,

Bill and Grace
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