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Round Table Invitation

Climate Change : Towards an ambitious agreement at the Paris Summit

You are invited to attend and participate in the Round Table organised by the Climate Change and Human Rights Working Group and hosted by the Committee on Democracy, Cohesion and Global Challenges of the conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe. The event will take place on 29th September 2015, at 15.30h, in Room 2 at the Palais de l'Europe, Strasbourg. Round Table Programme  
Register for the event by September 25th 

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Working Group Aims 

The aims of the working group (2015--2016) are to:

  • work towards and participate in the COP21 event in Paris, December 2015
  • develop and implement a strategy for the use of the HRCC position paper 
  • raise awareness of the impact of climate change and human rights as a global challenge to groups and organisations within the Council of Europe 
  • promote the rights of people to have information about the issues and for them to be able to express themselves about the impacts of climate change
  • share the work of the group with others
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CCHR Position Statement 

In June 2014, the NGO Conference unanimously approved the position paper drawn up by the working group. Find out more  
Climate change affects the following fundamental human rights:

  • the right to life, 
  • the right to dignity and a decent life, 
  • the right to safety, health, food and water, 
  • the right to protection of property 
  • the right to a nationality and freedom of movement

The document strongly recommended the Member States of the UN and of the Council of Europe should:

  1. Prepare people for the urgency of Climate Change and to take adequate measures in order to limit and mitigate its impacts;
  2. Set up measures aiming at altering the way of life without being prejudicial to the well-being of the population;
  3. Organize public access to necessary data to engage citizens in decision-making processes and the implementation of public policies;
  4. Adapt measures to be taken in prevention and in time of crisis to the cultural and social context of concerned populations.
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