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September 4, 2019  -  Issue #70

Doing Nothing Can Lead To Working Happy

Busy, busy, busy. Is that the way your work is these days?  Your fast pace may persuade you that you are productive, but take another look. “Busy” can leave you tired, going in circles and not at your best.  You need rest, relaxation and peace as well.

Balance is essential to productivity. Creativity usually comes from a quiet space. Physically, emotionally and mentally -  busy can wear you out! On the other hand, doing nothing can increase your productivity, creativity and balance.

How can you do nothing? Here are some ideas:
  • Pick one day a week or one weekend a month, to do no work or chores at home or elsewhere. Spend the time enjoying yourself.
  • Create “open space” during your workday where you stop and do nothing for 15 minutes. Do not overthink or do – just be. See what shows up.
  • Find a friend or family member to do nothing with you once a month.
  • Do a favorite thing that relaxes you every week.
Doing nothing is a key to your productivity. Make room for it and you’ll thrive!

Email me if you'd like to go further with this. I’m happy to help you get started!

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Q:   I retired a year ago and find myself not able to shake my bitterness about how my career ended. I had a fulfilling and strong career overall, but in the last three years the boss I had was very difficult and did not appreciate my work. How can I leave this feeling behind?

A:   This is a rough one that I have seen before. One suggestion I have is to take the long view. Do not judge your whole career by those last three years. There were many years before them that you described as strong and fulfilling.
Then, find a way to “release” the dissatisfaction you had with your boss. Look at the good things that got done in that time. Chalk your dissatisfaction up to your boss’ inability to see your value and let it go. Stay in the present moment and allow what you are doing now and what you want to do in the future to be the source of your fulfillment and happiness. 

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  • In the chaos and change of our world, quiet time keeps you sane and centered.
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