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February 5, 2020  -  Issue #75

Naming It Can Lead To Working Happy

Is there anything that you are refusing to face right now? It’s okay, you’re human – sometimes it is difficult to allow yourself to clearly see a situation, even though it is right in front of you. The situation may be something that provokes fear, discomfort, anger or worry. Give yourself some space to come to see it as it is. Once you do, name it!
The power gained by naming something is exponential. By naming something you look straight at it, know what you are dealing with, face any fears and can get in motion to make it better.

If you find yourself moving away from something and feeling uneasy with it, here are some things you can do to get to naming it:
  • go within to identify what you are feeling
  • think about what created the situation
  • identify the circumstances (people, elements) of the situation
  • identify what has to change for the situation to be okay for you
  • make a plan to address the situation
By having the courage to name something that is uncomfortable, you diminish its power over you. You take it out of the dark where all kinds of imaginary dangers can lurk, into the light of day. You want to be free to work happy and naming it can get you there!

Email me if you'd like to go further with this. I’m happy to help you get started!

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We love answering your questions on your journey to working happy!

Q: I am having a hard time distinguishing between the path of an entrepreneur and a path of failure. I started my business 5 years ago and have enjoyed some success. However, it seems to take so long to build a client base and get my name out in the world. I often wonder if I should give it up, after a certain amount of time, or keep persisting.

A: The path of an entrepreneur requires its own benchmarks and should not be measured against success as an employee or partner in an organization. I have always looked at the role of entrepreneurs and creative professionals as singular ones with depth and growth that is not seen in other career paths. It is on you to chart your path, learning along the way. Setting goals and measures keeps your path defined and you moving forward. Focus is essential. Have you identified your target market and where to find it? Do you assess your progress each year? 
Are you happy in your work and making a living? If you are, bravo! As far as time, there is no certain time period for a business to thrive. It all comes back to you. It can help to develop your persistence, self-care and motivation to succeed. These things help you stay in for the long run. Once you have done the things I have mentioned, my guess is that when the time comes (or doesn’t) to make a decision on whether to continue, you will have what you need to act in your best interest. Good luck!

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