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January 1, 2020  -  Issue #74

Making 2020 A Breakout Year Leads To Working Happy

A new decade is here. How about with it a whole new life that increases your happiness, fulfillment and impact in the world? You can have it by making 2020 a breakout year.

Inherent in life is change and forward motion. Some motion is propelled by events beyond your control and some is initiated by you.
Take stock of your life and work as they are right now. What could you do that would break you out to life and work that inspires you?
We are surrounded by a world of chaos and change. While this can be disquieting, it also provides opportunities. Chaos and change unsettle things, creating more fluidity and openings that were not there before. Resist the pull to keep things as they are. It won’t work. Have the courage to flow with the change and chaos into something new.
If you are game, do some imagining of what a breakout 2020 would be for you. Write down what you come up with. Use your imagining as a starting point for positive change. So much awaits you!

Email me if you'd like to go further with this. I’m happy to help you get started!

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What's Up For You?

We love answering your questions on your journey to working happy!

Q: I have some news ideas percolating that offer promise. Problem is, I have no time to pursue them. I would really like to see if they can work out. If they do turn into something, they could provide a whole new level of work and inspiration for me. They are independent of the work I do now, so I have to find time to pursue them. Any ideas on how I can get started? My time is really maxed out!

A: Time is such a precious commodity. You have just 168 hours in a week and that won’t change. How you use your time can change and that would provide results; however, I think the best focus lies in what I call changing your relationship with time.
What are negative characteristics of your current relationship with time – stress, rushing, not getting things done well, running out of time, frustration or unrealistic expectations? You can balance any negative aspects of your relationship with time (and ultimately eliminate them) by cultivating mindfulness and being fully present in the moment, realistically assessing what can get done in the time you have and identifying time-wasters and things you really do not need to do. Focusing in this direction can make a big difference and give you more time to devote to your ideas. 
You may eventually find yourself having to make some hard choices regarding how you use your time. For now, though, a focus on changing your relationship with time could be pivotal in moving forward!

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  • What are 3 things you need to make 2020 your best year ever?
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Ann is the author of four books: Chrysalis: Personal Transformation From The Inside Out, Power Stories, Leadership On Trial and Coaching Corner Volume 1. Visit her at
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