Wade 1.3 is out, with new features and improvements
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A quick look at what's new in WADE 1.3

Load and export scenes

WADE 1.3 introduces a standard JSON format for WADE scenes that lets you load and export scenes easily. Loading is straightfoward:
And exporting is just as easy: at any time you can export the active WADE scene with wade.exportScene(), to get some JSON data that can be used to recreate the current scene, including all its objects, sprites, animations and properties.

Sprite cache

It's common to have some sprites that are slow to render - it may be because they use elaborate custom draw functions, or because they are complex objects such as text with shadows and other effects. With WADE 1.3 you can draw these sprites once to an off-screen canvas, and start using that canvas instead of using the slower original draw functions - all with a single line of code:

Serialize your objects

All WADE objects (SceneObjects, Sprites, TextSprites and Animations) now have a serialize method to output their states to JSON objects.
With the new and more flexible syntax of WADE 1.3 you can use this serialized data to create new objects:
   var data = mySprite.serialize();
   var myNewSprite = new Sprite(data);


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