Wade 1.0 is out, with new features and improvements
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A quick look at what's new in WADE 1.0

A new home

To celebrate the official release of WADE 1.0, we have just launched a new website dedicated to it. Make sure to bookmark, it's got lots of interesting things for you to play with: a live editor where you can see your WADE app change as you type, with lots of code snippets illustrating some of the features of our engine. There are also some sample games, with source code and step by step guides to fully understand how they were made. Not to mention our improved API documentation, a nicer tutorial section, and a brand new forum to discuss anything you like with fellow WADE developers.

Manipulate raw image data

WADE 1.0 makes it easy to change individual pixels in your images, to achieve a variety of effects that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

It's really simple: try it here.

Device motion and orientation

If you are using a device and a browser that support accelerometers, you can now get motion and orientation events in your app. It's really straightforward, and you can use these events to do some really cool things.
Try a simple demo on a motion-enabled browser, such as Chrome for Android.

Named scene objects

You can stop worrying about storing and managing references to your scene objects: you can now give them names, and later retrieve them like this:

Multi touch support

Most mobile browsers support multi touch these days, with Chrome and Internet Explorer supporting it on touch-screen desktop computers too. It's an essential feature if you want to make more complex touch-screen games, with virtual joysticks for example. With the new version of WADE, all you have to do is call wade.enableMultitouch(), and you'll be able to receive multiple input events (such as click, mouseDown, etc) at the same time in different screen positions.

Tizen ready

As you probably know, Tizen is the upcoming mobile operating system that supports HTML5 apps.

While it's relatively easy to get an HTML5 app to work on Tizen, there are always some issues to consider: what happens when the app is interrupted by a phone call, for example? How do you quit when the user presses the back key?

WADE 1.0 takes care of all these things for you, and if you want to publish your WADE  app on Tizen, all you have to do is compile it and you're ready to go.
Plus a lot of bug fixes to ensure that WADE 1.0 is really production ready.
Please read the change log for information on how to upgrade from previous versions, and get the latest version here.
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