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2016 here we come, Watson, Digital Knowns and Unknowns, Digital Equity, Do Mergers Differentiate
Firstly, as this is the final newsletter for 2015, we would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous end to 2015, and our sincere wishes for an even better New Year in 2016.
Thank you all for your support in 2015. Subscribers to the Newsletter have increased 400% this year, and readership and distribution of our insight across twitter has increased by up to a staggering 900%.
In 2015, innovative organisations made significant steps towards the never-ending transformation that is becoming Digital. To be clear, most organisations are still comprehending the impact and scope of what “digital” is all about. 

The White Jacaranda

Behold the White Jacaranda! Whilst we expect the Jacaranda flower to be purple, the white flower is equally stunning, and like capioIT provides a fresh perspective. 
It is obvious that virtually all organisations are struggling to understand what they know, and do not know, in terms of managing digital investments and measuring impacts and successes.  
The unknown and known outcomes of Digital are critical. Too many organisations are facing major business issues and potential failures due to a lack of preparation for unknown, or unexpected outcomes. From retail to federal government security, capioIT has identified significant holes in the implementation of digital technology because the technology is all too often implemented for the sake of being digital without accounting for user requirements, regulatory ecosystems or even issues as fundamental as how the program of works will be managed and measured within the organisation. 
Too often, insufficient attention, or in many cases, zero attention, is given to the change management requirements. As a result too much digital investment is suboptimal and can in fact have negative consequences. One of the major themes this year for capioIT has been that digital is not just a technology play but is organisation wide. It is hoped that in 2016, more organisations and vendors realize this. 
Clearly the proposed acquisition of EMC by Dell is the largest M&A deal of 2015, indeed the largest in Technology history. Dell has communicated what it considers to be sound logic for the deal. I will not attempt to question that. However there are clearly many questions around VMware, go to market issues, partners etc that need to be resolved.
For my perspective, the biggest missing link for Dell and EMC is differentiation. What will the combined entity provide clients with that cannot be found elsewhere? It is difficult to identify $67 billion of differentiation. It is the same issue that HP faces. IBM and Oracle have genuine differentiation in Watson, and Cloud ERP but large parts of their legacy business units struggle for differentiation.. No legacy vendor is truly differentiated. By comparison, the likes of Salesforce, AWS et al are differentiated from a business model, offering, and in particular perception point of view. As I have argued, this year, of the legacy vendors. Microsoft has been most successful in creating new differentiation. 
Digital Equity is going to be an issue that organisations have to consider in 2016 and beyond. As services from banking, to drivers licenses go online and mobile, the concept of digital equity and not disadvantaging those who are unable to fully access digital technology will be key. The digital equity issue dovetails clearly with issues around unknown unknowns of Digital. 
Finally a word on the IBM Cognitive Engine, Watson. In 2015, Watson came of age for IBM and clients. Significant advantages were made in terms of the business of Watson, as well as outcomes for clients. IBM is staking a very significant amount of its future on Watson, it will take some going, but early indications are positive particularly on the societal impacts.
Thanks again for the support in 2015. We look forward to a bigger and better 2016. Early in the year we will be releasing some signicant content that will further highlight the impacts of Digital, alongside the challenges of investment.
Capture Snapshots....

Short insights from December
  • My no.1 wish for 2016 is for people to learn to use examples of Digital disruption without referencing Uber and AirBnB
  • Putting an end date for an organization to become “digital” is pointless and naive. It is and will continue to be an ongoing process driven by technology, customer requirements, regulation.
  • Drones are becoming a way of life globally. Have seen positive outcomes of drones for package delivery in Nigeria and for wildlife management in Southern Africa.
  • In November 2015, not 2005,  Equinix announced that “Future human interactions will be digital & heavily influenced by mobile devices, social media and the cloud” – To survive, vendors need to urgently shift the narrative from one that was basic 10 years ago.
  • Whilst there is no doubt at all for the capability of Dianne Greene, a new executive is just the tip of what #google needs to drive enterprise business, it lags significantly from an internal process and client facing perspective
  • Working on concepts applying Keynesian approaches to the Digital Economy, enabling technology highways, no longer building vehicle ones
  • To really be part of the as a service economy Oracle, Microsoft, SAP et al need to develop service partners similar to #SaaS ecosystem providers such as Salesforce and Workday.
  • Now that Hewlett Packard has split to become HP Enterprise and HP Inc #, the time for excuses, job cuts etc is gone, it has to execute quickly and precisely to get back the confidence of the market.
  • When IBM closes on the acquisition of the Weather Company expect it to forecast cloud to clear in Seattle and for cloud to increase in Armonk
  • The big question for the Oracle attack on AWS. How does oracle scale IaaS against a $8B company growing at 80% last qtr. Furthermore it is fascinating watching Oracle chase market leaders. Internal culture is so focused on dominating with a big stick. 

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See you all Next Year
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