Issue 2   April 2014:  News Update from EPSA!
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EPSA Training Project

How many times have you heard about soft-skills? Soft skills are a broad set of communication skills that can vary from presentation skills to team building, motivation, time management, intercultural awareness and knowledge transfer. These go hand in hand with the hard skills taught at university. 

Whether you want to work in research, marketing or in the traditional community pharmacy setting, these skills are essential. You could be a top student, but if you can’t communicate, your work won’t translate well as well as it should. Even the Bologna process insists on incorporating soft skills into curricula, this is not the case and many students long to gain soft skills education to meet the needs of modern work life where these skills and lifelong learning are a must. 

EPSA launched its Training Project in 2009 to help spread these skills. UBIPharma organized their own spin-off training project called Soft Skills: Will break or make you? for its members, who seemed to have had lots of fun participating.  Click on this link to check out what they have to say!  

How are your Stress Levels?
EPSA and IPSF have collaborated on an Anti-stress campaign.

Anxiety affects everybody one time or another. As students, the most stressful time may occur during exams.  Acute stress can improve performance but prolonged stress can be harmful.   

This campaign aims to raise awareness about the problems of prolonged stress and to help people manage their mental health better.
Interesting?  Contact your local Public Health Campaigns Officer or visit for more information.
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