The Power of Goal Setting
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The Undeniable Power of Clarifying Your Professional Goals and Committing Them to Paper

As a peak performance consultant and inspirational speaker, I spend my life helping people maximise their results and achieve the things they deeply desire. Goal setting is one of the key variables that we MUST engage if we want to take charge of our results and raise the bar on our own performance. Goal setting is something I first learned to do in my early teenage years when I started competing internationally as a competitive Ballroom and Latin American dancer (yes, that’s me in the picture upside down!). Our coaches taught us that goal setting is a fundamental key to success and something all the top dancers around the globe were doing. I started to read books on peak performance and found that the top performers in any field - from business to sport - all talk about using goal setting to help them ramp up their results.

It amazed me when I first started working in the corporate world in my late 20’s, how many people in business were not using this simple but very powerful process to maximise their results. Many said they had heard about the power of goal setting, but just forgot to put it into practice, or they thought that their internal work objectives (often set by their manager/company) was the same thing.

The reality is, specific goals (written down) are proven to increase our focus, strengthen motivation, help us come up with a strategy/plan of attack to make our dreams a reality, engage the right resources/support, and they also help us measure our success. Out of all the areas of peak performance I speak on, goal setting is one of the fastest ways to raise the bar and improve your results!

After every big competition, my dance partner and I would reflect on our last performance, analyse what we did well and what we could do better next time, and then set new goals. I have no doubt this very simple process was a major reason we rose to the top of our field at such a young age. The thing with goal setting is that once you see how powerful it is, you want to use it time and time again to create an amazing life and career.

My challenge for you this week is to spend time thinking about your current performance and happiness in different areas of your life, and then clarifying new personal and professional goals.

What do you really want to achieve? Maybe you want to get a promotion? Learn a specific skill like public speaking or mindfulness? Start your own business part time? Get fit? Build your network?

What do you really want to be, do or have?

What would you write on your list of goals if you knew you could not fail?

Do you and your team set clear goals for the week? Month? Quarter? Do you focus on them regularly?

There is amazing power in clarifying your goals and committing them to paper. Lets face it - it’s just a vague dream if you don’t actually write it down. The thing I love most about goal setting is the great sense of satisfaction you get when you sit back and go “wow – I did it”. That thing that was once just a vague hope or dream, has now become a reality!

Importantly, please don’t hold yourself back from dreaming big out of fear your dream might not come true. For the moment just let your mind wander and allow yourself to dream big!

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Wishing you an exciting and successful June.

To your success and happiness!


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