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Brain in hand - personal technology for independant living

As a partner organisation to Brain in Hand, DnA proudly provides specialist training on the brilliant app! We wanted to share some of our experiences and tips for using it! This is what some of our DnA Trainers had to say:

Charlotte sets the scene, talking about the amazing impact BiH can have-
 "I have seen high anxiety levels drop with a click of a couple of buttons. I have seen a student travel on public transport, attend university and return home without one red light response. Which in their own words 'never thought would be possible'... "To have a connection to a software may seem odd but it just gets me. This is truly the friend you need in your times of panic and stress. as it's like there's always a hand on your shoulder telling to breathe, you can do this". This will ultimately change peoples worlds.

Kur: Brain in hand was put together with the purpose to get the user thinking about their thinking...and then creating their own solutions. I totally fell in love with what brain in hand has been cleverly designed to achieve.

Matt: The student's process of populating their brain in hand with solutions is hugely important. There is a something very powerful about a student realising they have great ideas to cope with tough situations, and that all they need is the ability to access them at the time, which BiH provides perfectly. It is also a really handy tool to for mentoring support- it offers direct insights into how the student's week has been from the timeline, which could be a good jumping off point for conversation.

Karen: I love the way that BIH students comment that the app gives them some much needed reassurance and independence whilst studying.

Ben: One thing that has been clear to me is that BiH would have equal benefits for students with many mental health conditions, not just autism and aspergers, such as Anxiety disorders, Depression, OCD, etc. Anything that can lead to someone finding themselves in an anxious state and need help to get themselves out of it.

Gareth: It's often really positive and beneficial in the training session if the student has already looked at and reflected on the questions in the Workbook ahead of the session. The process of inputting these into the website is intuitive, and invariably enjoyable for the student.

Marie: Using past experiences to focus on successful strategies that have already worked is a really positive way to build up confidence to then start thinking about other strategies that are perhaps more challenging or difficult to implement.

What we've been up to lately...

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We've been busy as ever, delivering workshops up and down the country! Where to start!? Recently we've had the pleasure of working with Crisis again, delivering Mental Health and Wellbeing workshops as well as commencing the fifth round of AT workshops! We also held a workshop for the lovely ADSHE members on 'apps and metacognition', and one on 'diversity in the workplace' for the Office of National Statistics (ONS)... not to mention the sessions we've done at London Metropolitan University, Morley College, University of the Arts London... Keep us out of mischief and get in touch to organise your workshop!
Want to brush up on any study skills, book in your mentoring, or learn how to use your assistive technology to help with your studies?

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