Ommadon wooden box preorder starts now
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Ommadon I-IV Wooden Box

Preorder starts now

"This is the last realm. Here, your formulas are swirls in the murk. The power of mind you cling to is nothing, feeble, while your powers die, mine will flourish. Man will never inherit my domain, for I am making man mine! 

This is the splendour of spells: they change, engrave, permutate. They are chaos engrained. How do you dare to tame chaos? Do you not realise that it cannot be tempered? It must reign through disorder, of its own nature. It crushes your neverending hopes for a =. There is no equal to. There is this, and this only. The account. 

Bryagh to me, to me, devils, witches, sandmerks, harpies, ghouls and demons! The reckoning is here! Your retorts are useless, man of science!" 

Some people have been waiting a long time for this.

The wait it now finally over.

180 minutes of raw, heavy doom encased in a completely handmade wooden box. 


In 2012 C of Witches on Fire Records started on this collaboration. 

You're looking at a cassette packaging that's basically 100% handmade. The boxes, branding iron, screens and backpatches are all handmade by C of Witches on Fire Records. A release almost 2 years in the making, now finally nearing completion.

Check this page for detailed pictures of the manufacturing process. 

Ommadon recorded all their material up to "V" live in a forest on a secret location in the highlands. C and I felt we should incorporate those surroundings in the artwork in some way. We decided to let the band collect pieces of forage of the surrounding area where they record and use those elements to design the backpatch. 


The Ommadon I-IV Box
- Handmade branded wooden box 
- 2x C90 pro tapes containing I-IV
- Huge A2 backpatch (various print colors)
- Downloadcode 
- Limited to 100 pieces 

30 euros (ex shipping)

This item will only be available through Ommadon and Tartarus Records.

No represses or other versions will be made. Just this. 

To order, email us: 


1. Make sure you actually want this item
2. No trades.
3. No wholesale
4. Expected release date: july 6th. 
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