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New "retro" Sunset Single Fins at Surfy Surfy

Howdy and Aloha Internet Amigos! 
Your best friend JP St Pierre here (the CEO & Janitor of Surfy Surfy, Inc)
Did you know that Surfy Surfy Surf Shop in Leucadia, California is based on my warm and fuzzy memories of the original Sunset Surfboards shop in Encinitas, California?

It's true! I was born in 1970 in Leucadia and grew up slipping on resin under the racks of Sunset Surfboards which was located on the coast highway in Encinitas, a few blocks north of the surf spot Swami's. Sunset was founded by Ed Wright in the late 1960's. The upstairs was retail, the downstairs was a small surfboard factory. Eventually Ed wanted to expand the retail wing so the factory crew got together and formed the Moonlight Glassing surfboard factory in San Marcos in 1979.
Ed's protege Brian Fredrickson took over Sunset in the early 1980's and kept it operating until the mid 1990's. My first job as a grom was doing ding repair (poorly) in the back alley of Sunset when I was 15, eventually working as a sander and polisher at Moonlight for 25 years before forming the mega-corporation Surfy Surfy that you know and love today.
To celebrate our 4th year of Surfy Surfy brick & mortar in Leucadia we asked Brian Fredrickson to shape up these classic mid 1970's style Sunset single fins. Featuring iconic fade airbrushes by Peter St Pierre (my father) who airbrushed and pinlined all those Sunsets back in the day.

Clean and simple shape, full forgiving rails.
No pointy or stabby edges like all the new weird 21st century boards you see on Instagram.

Shaper Brian Fredrickson with an original 70's Sunset.

The classic Bird Wing logo reproduced by screenprint shop Factory 101

The iconic Sunset logo

My sister Michelle and my mom Sally (and our dog Waggit) and Sunsets circa 1978

Check out our stock of Sunset single fins in person at Surfy Surfy Surf Shop.
or, view online: clicky clicky
Keep the dream alive Surfy friends!

Surfy Surfy Surf Shop

Thank you for all the love and support! 

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