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New Earth Transitions Email Series: Week 3
Ascending To Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth
Our Consciousness, and Physically, with our bodies too...
Dimensions used to be something we linearly tried to understand, yet when the 2011/2012 Gateways Opened, Multiple Dimensions/Multi-Dimensionality became our actual Experiences here. It took us a while to understand, because we had to go through it first, observe enough our own individual and collective "experiences and exchanges" and open up access to the knowledge that "explained all" in all new ways, and achieve the vibrational frequency of all of our higher self aspects with our physical body (Embodiment), so that we could actually EXPERIENCE multiple dimensions simultaneously, in a waking state and be able to identify and understand all, in order to explain, show and share with others too.

This knowledge is Quantum and our language as a Galactic Soul: Sacred Geometric Shapes, Equations, Mechanics, Logistics, Algorithms, Schematics, Holograms, Light Codes, the Unified Field of Super Consciousness and more. All is visible through our decalcified and evolved/open pineal gland, neural pathways, our higher/cosmic heart, our DNA/cellular body/template and access to/through/from within the Photonic Realms. Going inward gives us our first glimpses, as does the sleep state too... yet as our Crystalline Structure builds, our higher mind consciousness comes online, then our Plasma body builds and our Avatar Body too. All access is returned through our own purification process and how we live our lives as Divine Source Light BEings here. 
Where every thing is awake, breathing, inner-active, conscious and alive, totally inner-connected, fully abundant, thriving, vibrant and filled with such joy. There is magic in the air, because the magic within us has awakened again.

Because we LIVE in/as the Unified Field of Consciousness, we understand how all is AFFECTED/INFLUENCED by our own vibrational frequency and how conscious, considerate, respectful, kind, contributory/reciprocal and supportive we are. We understand that we have a RESPONSIBILITY to observe, shift and tune to a higher vibration ALL OF THE TIME and to hold the absolute highest vibrational realities in place, because as we do, we magnetize all to us... for the most amazing, brilliant and fulfilling experiences here. Every moment anew and birthed from within, our CREATOR aspect is always busy, sharing beauty, inspiration and Light Codes with every breath. Our work is in-service to humanity, which we also live with every breath, because we live AS OUR SOULS and Avatar Selves, as Guardians, Ancients and the Pure Ones... where Heaven is all around us, because we've REMEMBERED OUR WAY BACK and this is REFLECTED in our external, because it's a vibrational response. 

We play, have fun and we work, yes... we have created/built all new lives, where every aspect of our being is fully aligned, therefore every aspect of our life is too. We all have purposes and missions, roles that we agreed to fulfill. These HONORS are through benevolence, caring and as Soul-Star-Light Family, laying the FOUNDATION and uniting/re-connecting, as the rest of us "arrive" here to UNITE, create more and work together for all of hUmaNITY too.
It takes years/all of this existence .... It's not a linear time thing. It's always been occurring and is not "new". It's only "new" to each awakening, because there were veils in place that kept one with realizing, seeing and understanding all before.

This is ALL about our Vibration, Frequencies and Energy, the vibration and frequencies of our Earth Gaia and the space we call "air", with all also alive, breathing and conscious too. 

Learning to LIVE multi-dimensionally is an Evolutionary process that is always occurring in every momet of every day. It is processes and phases inside of more processes and phases that never end and continue to expand as we do. Our daily experiences are the passageways in which we complete various initiations, in order to achieve/gain access by way of KeyCodes to open up more new portals and gateways that can only be done through our wide open hearts and minds.
When I first started seeing "the Gates of Heaven" in my visions (and Stairway to Heaven started playing constantly in my head), it was a bit unsettling, hilarious and beyond beautiful to FEEL and REMEMBER, all at the same time. It was not in the beginning though... it was "after" I'd gone through 40 years of "life", acted/played out all my "stuff" (ego matrix program realities) and got to that "point" that we all get to, when it's "time" to start REALLY WAKING UP. I still had a bit of to go through though, as waking up in an illusion of sleepwalking through a deep sleep of amnesia where we "thought" all of our realities were "real"... kinda messes with us for awhile, especially if you were like me and didn't believe in any of "this stuff".

The hilarious part was that I had "fast-tracked" through just 2-3 years, to go from deep asleep/unconscious to fully awake and ascending my consciousness prior to the 12/12/12 Gateway, actually with the 11/11/11 Gateway, yet because I didn't have anything to guide me or give me information but my higher self/Universal me, I figured things out "later" and it was like a big "thump" on my head, like "duhhhh, Seriously"!  I had certain things I had to achieve, prior to 2012, in order to fulfill my roles as a Gatekeeper and Gridkeeper here. Because I really didn't understand anything I was doing, because it had not been done before, in this life-cycle, we were forging new pathways, as the pioneers, doing it, then understanding it, then figuring out how to explain it and get the information out for others, so they could experience easier than we did.

Having ascended my consciousness and spending the year getting my physical body's vibration up, for physical body ascension to occur, as I was packing to move to Kauai, I was giving everything away, and I ran across an old handbook one of my students/clients had given me months before. Because I was "busy", I didn't even look at it, just put it on a shelf. When I was going through all of my "spiritual books" to give to others to benefit from, I picked it up and opened it. A mind-blown gasp escaped my breath, as I read "Ascension is going to Heaven". Ummm, omg was all I could utter... I'd ascended to Heaven and had no friggin clue. THAT'S WHY everything was fuzzy and surreal, everyone was kind and "fairies" would appear in my life, out of the blue, at the register of the stores I went to, that's why angels were painted on the wall of a tunnel my universe had me drive through one day, with the words "It's all a Dream".... that's why I kept experiencing Lucid Dreams in my waking state, with pirates and men in Kilts, after they had appeared in my sleep state the night before.... omg!  That's why I could see what was not visible before, how I could sense/know everything before it occurred... portals would appear and I'd walk through them on my daily walks around the lake or in the grocery store... yep, everything had changed, and it was so subtle, I didn't understand. I was in friggin Heaven! ... and then the next phases began!

At first it's just opening up to "all of this".... 
Then it's learning to "work together" and co-exist...
These processes, phases, passageways... all occur over the "Separation of Time" (3rd/4th Dimension), "and then", we reach a high enough Light Quotient ratio within ourselves for our LightBody and Merkaba to activate, and build itself, through new Quantum Geometrics and codes, for the "apparatus" to "take over" and with each building process that completes, physical body ascension commences until that "final ascension" where NEW EARTH BECOMES A FULL-TIME EXPERIENCE, with fleeting moments of breaking down old programs and linear constructs, for the "next phases" to begin.

Up until that "time", it us doing the deep inner work to stay conscious and "reverse" all that we've done/do, by releasing all of our "past" and no longer doing the "same habit/response/program" as we did before/across all of our existences, which become more visible as we go. This is challenging for awhile, because of the amount of programming/energy that we hold and because we didn't realize we were unconscious/asleep before. 
Awesome photo credit unknown. Unable to read the artists signature. I searched and could not find.
We "think" everything is outside, yet it's all inside, the place our human (ego) doesn't/didn't want to go... DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP INSIDE.

This makes our journey more challenging, because we cheat ourselves out of what's available on an infinite level (our Soul), by thinking it's "off somewhere else, one day, in another place/time", which is just our perception. Shifting our perceptions in order to expand our consciousness from inside is KEY.
Now, at first, our light was diminished and small, for some almost "non-existent" and we lived our lives by way of our intellect (root chakra, survival, impurities, and disconnected states which created an abundance of lack).

We might have been a light to others, kind and helping, yet it wasn't fully our Light that we were functioning from, it was still our ego, dependency on each other/things, need/lack and realities dependent on systems and structures, built on limits, conditions, fears, protection mechanisms and our "safe" "human" realities/dreams. We just didn't know this before.

Our Light shines bright and it beams love and beauty and amazingness and radiates out with our entire BEing....and it's completely PURE. In order to "find" our PURE LIGHT, our hearts must open up wide and all safety/protection mechanisms dissolve/go. Otherwise, there is always a shield/wall up around our heart and our light can't fully emit, because their are other things going on that disrupts the vibration of purity being transmitted out from within us to connect/reconnect with all. 

As we open our hearts, fully, our minds open up too. Our chakras do as well, our muscles relax (or when our muscles/heart/mind relaxes, our heart opens (and our cells), which is the opposite of "trying".... 

I'd like for you to observe, pay attention to your head, your body and see what you could not see before. Listen to your body and see how you used to try to control/override, not listen, honor and support before. See where you had fixed beliefs of "how" all was "supposed to be" and what didn't fit into your boxes/mentalities/mindsets/realities before.

See where you can Lighten your own schedule up, how you can simplify, slow down and inJOY peace, quiet, nature more and start to tune-in, create and explore more.

See you next week! 
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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