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NEW Earth Transitions Email Series: Week #5
Breaking Down the 3rd/4th/5th Dimensions: Overview
Dimensions are not linear, they are vibrational frequency bandwidths. Your physical LightBody gives you multi-dimensional capabilities and all new physical realities too!

To truly understand (and MASTER), each must TUNE COMPLETELY IN to their own inner-realities and outer realities and observe/feel/see what all represents ENERGETICALLY.
Vibrational Octaves/Frequency Bandwidths 
5th+ Dimension = A Remembered State - Ascended/Higher Consciousness NEW Earth = Heaven = Bliss = Magic = The Beginning of all other dimensions opening up 
4th Dimension = Duality = Purgatory/Bardo = One toe/foot in each world for awhile as all work through separation within

3rd Dimension = Level of Consciousness where the external matches the Vibrational Energy = Ego / Hell

It doesn't make any "Logical" sense.... 
that we'd "fear" consciousness or ascending or returning to Purity and our highest states of Consciousness...

Yet our human aspect fears it at all cost.
Avoids it like the plague.
Resists and argues and just doesn't want any part of this "weird" stuff... 

Often "until", there's no other choice.
Open your heart fully and CHOOSE Consciously in every NOW moment.
Do it on "your terms" through Unity Love Consciousness.

Scared or Sacred? 
Scared to leave the old?

What you are actually "leaving" are the realities created out of unconsciousness, the mentalities, the beliefs and the density, the heaviness, the prisons, the constructs and limits of an illusory, always-out-of-reach "dream" that's achievable if you compromise your own Self/SOUL, over-working, staying in unhappy realities or ones that feed fears, lack and need.... and moving towards that which supports your PURE heart, your SOUL, inspires you and others, uplifts and brings happiness in all new ways, yet you have to go inside and find it, where it already exists and then go for it! 

As humans, we like to test the waters first... with just a toe in (or maybe a foot or leg). Eventually, we have to get off that fence, stop straddling both worlds and completely JUMP/go all in!
It's important to realize that we always have opportunities available to us, yet when we don't understand "how all works" on a Universal/Cosmic/Soul Level, we "turn down" what doesn't fit into "reality" as we "thought", especially if it's uncomfortable, challenges us or pushes us beyond our own human conditions and limits.

The difference in our experiences are relative to how open our minds and hearts or how closed/protected/fixed they are. This determines the dimensions we experience as REALity here.

The "highest" dimension we can "get", without expanding fully as our Universal/Infinite Higher Selves to fully live our own 5D+ Dimensional REALities here, is the 4th Dimension, where duality still exists within, therefore "out there" as well.  Living a 5D Existence is a REMEMBERED STATE OF EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS, which takes our full participation, willingness, being pro-active in our own journey to reclaim all of our fractaled aspects and "exit" to "live" on NEW Earth fully. There is an "ego death" that occurs on all levels for this to occur. This will apply on every level: Emotional/Mental/Physical... which correlates to our physical lives, our physical bodies, every experience, all of our identities, our job, relationships, how we support ourselves... everything. Our Ego was so deeply embedded within us, which constitutes our own inner matrix correlating to an external matrix. This journey (our evolution back into higher states of consciousness) is one of returning to our Christed/Pure Source/Creator States and living the most exquisite lives here... a "real" Heaven on Earth, where we live as PURE SOULS.... and everything in our lives is fully aligned on a SOUL LEVEL.... that can't be described through words. It's an experience that is sooooo simple, it makes no logical sense at all. ALL of our judgment, conditioning and limits have to go, for us to be wide open to living the magic that's always available to us all. 

This is not something to "fear", as that your ego too. This is to be embraced, excited about and the more ready we are, the easier all is! Hesitation and resistance create our own suffering. It's important to remember this. ♥

Part of the reason that I break things down linearly, is because providing the information is a part of fulfilling my own Soul Agreements/Purposes/Missions/Roles, in assisting HUmanity with our evolutionary processes here. It's also so that each can easier identify and decode all, in order to easier choose and shift from the lower dimensional realms to the higher dimensional realms of NEW Earth and become contributing, productive, integral parts of our NEW EARTH CITIES/CIVILIZATION, by fulfilling higher levels of service with greater ease, grace and amazingness available to us all. Re-Education through highest consciousness is a very important part of our processes here. 

At first when we start to awaken from the deep slumber and unconscious states of amnesia, it's confusing and we often don't know we were asleep, which means we often don't know "which end is which" for awhile. Much is "unraveling", and reality as we once knew it starts to change (shift). There is an amnesia between the realms, that we were unaware existed within us, which is where the veils exist too. As each prepares to "exit the old matrixes", the old dissolves for the new to come forth (materialization). This can be as harsh or as easy as we allow. Our memories of the old go to, as we clear the emotions that kept those "real", those libraries/akashes/cellular memory data-banks continually clear. Excitement and a new-found Soul-filled life emerges.

Building, reconstructing, creating all new realities and foundations for all can be done by ourselves or together, depending on how ready we are to contribute, unite and create fully SOURCE aligned realities.... Unity, sharing, openness, love and self-accountability/responsibility for our own energy is how we do all together. Just like "old earth", we have "jobs", we have full lives, we have Soul-Star family and more. The only difference is our "new lives" are fully aligned, with zero lack, zero imbalances, zero ego.... our "new lives" reflect the abundance, respect, kindness, compassion, unity that we are. ♥ Once we "arrive" in the 5th Dimension and our "play time" starts to "end", where we've ascended our consciousness, disconnected from the old and learned what happy, free and magnificence is, the other dimensions/frequency bandwidths start to open up to EMBODY here, where all are fully in-service as Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Frequency Holders and Humanitarians, fulfilling much higher levels of service here. Evolving through Multi-Dimensionality is all DNA Based, Light Quotient Based and how easily we integrate to anchor Higher Dimensional Codes fully from within. Our presence changes quite substantially. We become the Guardians of NEW Earth and Cosmic Portals/Gateways.... with jobs and lives that don't fit into any of the old earth ways.... As Wayshowers, you will always be leaving the old behind, creating all new and uniting with others doing the same.... anchoring Heaven on Earth with every breath too. ♥

As our heart opens more, those "times" cease to exist, so that our NEW EARTH REALITIES can present/come through.... portals start to open/activate and NEW MEMORIES of our pure existences, pure aspects, purity

As humans, we start to realize that we don't possess the control that we "thought" we did and that which we try to control, often goes the "opposite" direction.  We start to see that our fixed, secure, nice tidy realities are no longer fixed, controllable or tidy anymore.
Not being able to remember what we did yesterday, what we just ate, our own name, passwords to our accounts or what we were doing/saying, scares our human aspect for awhile, until we start to realize that "all of those things" were our separation, identities or "things" of another "time", fractals.... of another dimension/time. As we shift in and out of dimensions/timelines, vibrationally, we can't remember the "others" for awhile. This is part of the "merging" or "unification" process, and prior to physical body ascension, our Merkaba activating too. 

That survival mode of pretending, tolerance, complacency, compliance, ignoring, suppressing, hiding or "just get by", often keeps us stretched so thin, that we don't have "much else" left. This "survival mode" is the 3rd Dimension, that we wake up in and have to transcend fully from within. It's a huge process of observing everything we've convinced ourselves of, listened to, believed and learning to "trust" that which we cannot yet prove/see.  This is the opening of our 4th Dimension, where the "spiritual"/etheric realms open up... yet only partially, as we "stay here for awhile" as we clear programming and awaken to what we cannot logically/linearly "prove or see".  

This is also the dimension where we work through deep separation within. It's where all of our feelings start to surface and we play out dualistic roles until we dissolve this within us fully.... Opening up our inner connections, learning to listen to our "intuition" (higher self/soul), hear/see the messages, epiphanies, synchronicities is key to awakening and enhancing our "gifts". At first, these make us feel special and even powerful. Learning to use these "powers" without any ego is a part of the process as well. Eventually these just become natural ways of BEing that we share through our various service roles here. The deeper the connection, the more sacred, the more natural and enhanced these are. Opening our hearts fully, awaken these fully too!

This whole dimension is re-establishing that connection deep within and learning "how" to listen, honor and live as our higher self aspects, for Transcendence to occur from within. The separation dissolves as we unify inside. 

4th Dimension, into the subtle and etheric/energetic realms we go, the invisible realms that can only be felt at first. The more we tune-in, the more we can hear. It's so soft, quiet... not quite sure... hmmmmm. Yet the more we get quiet and just listen, there are frequencies and guiding words in there..... 

Small tidbits of brilliance comes (epiphanies), with all of these "LightBulb" moments of realizations... some catch us by surprise, others are like "duhhhhhhhhhh, seriously?!!!". 

Our inner-vision starts to come online more too, as we start to "learn" how to access this and not discount what we hear/see. Those "messages" from "another dimension" are our higher aspects of ourselves... just waiting for us to listen. Where we "don't listen", then it gets LOUDER and louder and louder, in so many ways that our ego aspect doesn't understand. Our Universe (us) will use anything necessary to get our attention. Our outside world, our experiences, our money, our homes, our health... as technically, it's not doing anything. We are. Our vibration that we are transmitting out is distorted, out-of-tune, not in UNIVERSAL HARMONY, so everything "appears" to be falling apart or going sideways, when in essence, it's actually the opposite. Our higher aligned realities are synchronizing and "trying" to come forth. Our human ego aspect is still holding on to something that's "blocking" this, so the "force" of the experience is relative to our own resistance. It will always be stronger than our ego self. 

First inside, then outside... our vision comes after we learn to listen to, and decipher, our own feelings and to honor them, over and above what "out there" shows us/says. Exploring the abyss, into the deep "unknown", unchartered territories before... we don't have a choice... we "have" to go. 

In the

In order to get to (return to) the 5th Dimension, the 4th Dimension is where we "live" for awhile.  We have this "angel and devil" thing, this "dark" and "light" side, this polarity of "good" and "bad", sometimes deep seated desires never fulfilled, seeking love, freedom, yet unable to fully express ourselves, all comes out in a multitude of ways. We hide in our own shadows, fear others seeing us "for what we really are", have soooo much judgment, worry, fears....

The 4th Dimension is where we work through all of our own fears energy/programs/separation and also learn to love, respect, nurture ourselves and learn how to discern, connect and maintain that connection and also start to be in-service as Light a little bit too. It's where our higher selves emerge/appear and become available to us and we start to build a new relationship with "them", where we start to believe in "the beyond", while we detach from the physical as well. We learn to meditate or start to sleep more, we start to slow down and get out in nature, we "assess" our lives, with various life reviews and get ready for "new", even though we have no clue what this is.... yet.
At first, the 5th Dimension/NEW Earth "appears" in our rest/sleep state, as do our fears and other things we were not able to/didn't want to see/deal with before. Weird bizarre experiences (timelines) that seem real (because they are), our linear mind tries to make sense of it all. Some extremely shocking, unearthing emotions that shake us up. Others so dreamy, magnificent and beyond believable.... this is a mixture of every dimension.... clearing old out, showing us new, some experiences where we are learning, receiving information and later, even teaching/assisting others too. 

Dream state no longer "just dreams", we often have super heavy nights where we don't remember anything (clearing, not supposed to), or other nights we wake up or can't sleep at all. These will start to make sense later. Don't worry. We learn to utilize the sleep state to activate, gain knowledge, clear timelines and "do important work" that makes this reality much easier here.  
Awakening to our Higher Selves:

Decoding the/our entire matrix system takes our total presence, observing (without judgment), expanding our perceptions/perspectives constantly and re-associating everything we believe/see from a linear scale to an energetic one.

As we step away from all and truly open our hearts, learn to go deep inside to connect, hear/see/feel/listen and tune... our pineal gland opens up for our higher self/higher mind consciousness to become more accessible and start to come online more with each integration process that we go through each day.   Some of us channel our higher selves for awhile, even years. This process is important for awhile, because it activates our own higher consciousness DNA.

BEcoming Our Higher Selves:

Eventually we come to EMBODY our higher selves... after we've listened to the instructions "they" (WE) gave ourselves, our own inner/higher guidance, and our bodies vibration becomes high enough for full unification to occur. At this point, we become "someone different", as well as being from "the future" where all has already occurred. It's a bit of an adjustment, as the whole world looks different and all time ceases to exist, becoming just "energy" that we move through/as/with.... where the knowledge of all comes forth from within us, instead of how it used to. The magnetics of all changes too. All comes to us, instead of us seeking or chasing. Reversing this polarity is one of the biggest changes that occur moving from the 4th to the 5th Dimension. Our realities are then based upon "magnetics" and how the flow of energy "works". We move from linear to Quantum.... as our consciousness expands out from within. Our bodies go through immense changes during these years.  
As our Crystalline LightBody activates/comes online, our inner vision is enhanced even more. At first, the only reality was the one we lived in, could touch, "thought".... yet then we start to see in "illusions", moving on to other weird/cool and bizarre experiences/awarenesses that distort our old reality and open us up to all new ones too!

Through this series, I share different phases, to bring more into the "picture" to be able to "see".

This week, we shall overview... and in upcoming weeks, break each dimension (frequency bandwidth) down a bit more, for further understandings, which gives us the ability to choose and move the old out "faster", while embracing "our new" easier, which means all gets easier as we do!

I'll share different phases, processes, experiences and realizations, tying various things together, while separating others to dissect. Part of our own Higher Mind Consciousness and Mastery, is learning to understand "how" the physical reality actually works, is/was created to be and choosing to consciously, intentionally to create and anchor higher dimensional realities into our physical, to replace all of those old ones that are no longer vibrationally aligned anymore. 

I share the bliss, the magic, the challenges and my own early phases, as well as "rough" phases too. This is so you can see that it's not always peaches and cream, easy peasy, at first. Yet, we didn't die, our ego just broke, our bodies "broke down", to dissolve where that ego/separation programming was held/housed on a cellular level, and through all of that, our hearts opened and our Beautiful, Pure, Divine, Powerful Soul came through... it wasn't hiding, it was being stifled out, snuffed out and the only way to "get through", was to soften, so it could break/peek/come through.
So, no matter what you go through/experience, REMEMBER, we've been there, we get it and we totally understand. This is an individual journey, where we each have to exercise CHOICE.... which is what determines the "next moment" and the next.. so constantly open your heart wider and go deeper on your own. Don't "wait" until "the bottom" is where your ego you will "choose to go". 

If you require "breaking", being brought to your knees and hitting rock bottom to wake up, then deep into the depths of your own hell, you will also go. The beautify is, from here, the only way is UP.... yet, if you choose to open up and do the deep inner work consciously, then all that we share, teach and provide, will have "paid off", because it made a difference in the most important ways. ♥ 

Every "challenge" is for TRANSCENDING YOUR OWN EGO, to expand your mind, open your heart and to dissolve the old conditions/limiting programs you hold within. It's important to remember this. ♥

We are the PROOF, the EXAMPLE. We not only made it, we flourished and you can too! ♥ It's also important to understand that EVERY THING is this. You are the example for everyone in your life, as you are going to show them "how" as you do this too. (WayShower). ♥
Step completely away from all things you consider "REALity". Observe. Observe the vibration, FEEL the ENERGY, listen to that little voice inside that gives you higher knowledge and SEE what you could not SEE before when you were in your head. FEEL your own truth, go deeper to find your own inner-connection and ALLOW yourself to BE with this SPACE, this ENERGY.... FEEL THE PEACE, THE LOVE, THE BEAUTY, THE MAGNIFICENCE.... REMEMBER what you forgot, by completely letting go of all that "is not you".....

Observe your everything. How you FEEL, what you DO desire, what you love to do. Pay attention to dualistic programs running inside of you. These are a choice to believe.... There is a knowing beyond what your linear/ego you "thinks".

Make a comparative list of "opposite energies". What your ego does, what your higher self/soul you does. What your ego says, what your higher self says/knows. How your Ego acts/behaves, how your higher self you behaves. Explore different types of comparisons, so that you can see how dualistic all is. This makes it easier to "see", shift vibrationally and open up to kinder, softer, more magical ways of Living..... You will see what is aligned and what is not. You will see what you didn't want to before. This is your unconscious programming or your NEW Earth excited (which brings up any fear to resolve/dissolve) one. Honor you and explore what's available. Your new "power" is exciting! Exercising it takes finesse, otherwise clearing heavy distortions "ain't pretty". All is a part of this. How is dependent on your own full presence and consciousness. ♥

Higher Consciousness Knowledge is freeing.... when we use it. ♥
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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