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October 2021 issue
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The great and the grey

Hello again everybody, welcome to another edition of the Oakbound Newsletter... we really must think of a better title for it! Any suggestions?

As many Tolkien fans will know the 23rd September marks the date of Frodo's departure from Bag End so it was an appropriate date to set out on an adventure, releasing the Grey Company in our online store. This posse of iconic heroes feature in Mythic Cycles along with their quest to deliver the Golden Goat of Inglenook to the city of Lothard. You can find the stats for the Grey Company further down this newsletter. Thanks again to all the backers of the Kickstarter who made it happen.

On the subject of Kickstarters...  the next Dreamstone Kickstarter will be getting underway soon will the long-awaited Zordrak model. Sculpting has finished, the model has been approved by Martin Gates and Mike Jupp the creators of the show and he is being taken to the caster for mastering this weekend. Stay posted on our social media (including the dedicated The Dreamstone groups) for more information.

Kickstarter has been our major platform for releasing miniatures over the last few years but we are going to try something new for 2022. For a while I have been contemplating Patreon and next year will be the time to give it a go. The plan is to release a Patreon-exclusive warband every year, voted for by patrons and produced in collaboration with a notable concept artist. The warband will be supplied in a numbered presentation box along with a print of the original concept art. Each month there'll be an article or video following the process from design to realisation and there'll be quarterly live Q&A streams to join in with. The first step will be to decide on a warband for the first year. This will happen on the Oakbound Facebook page in November so keep an eye on our next newsletter for details.

All the best


Lord of Nightmares!

A servant of evil stirs,
the giant dragon lord of Viltheed is rising!
Coming to Kickstarter October/November.

In The Studio this month

October sees the release of a new regular feature, comparing two editions of White Dwarf from that month but a decade apart, starting with October 1983 and 1993. Games Workshop has, I am sure, been as massive an influence in your hobby lives as it has in mine so as Oakbound grows and develops it's interesting to see how 'the big one' also changed tack and evolved over the years. We'll also be digging into the Oldhammer scene with a look at the long-postponed BOYL (Bring Out Your Lead) 2020 event.

Join us on YouTube to find out more.

intrepid adventurers
of the
Grey Company.

Bold heroes
fantasy adventures.

Available now.


The Grey Company

(extract from Mythic Cycles)

Weithand the Grey Pilgrim (44 pts)
W6 P6 C6 A2 S2 End8
Equipment: Cloak, Sand Box, Quarter Staff, Belt
Skills and traits: Artisan, Attentive, Authority, Discipline, Herbalist, Leader, Provident, Vigilant, Wilderlore

Dutharon the Wanderer (Fianna Feni, 27pts)
W2 P2 C3 A2 S2 End6
Boon: Weapon- Long Sword, never takes an off-balance condition.
Geas: Must join any grapple he can reach.
Quest: Regain the throne of Solristfold.
Equipment: Brand, Cloak, Scramasax, Tinder Box, Waterskin, Pack, Strap for boon.
Skills and traits: Ranger, Uncertainty.

Bromwir the Steward (Fianna, 25pts)
W2 P1 C2 A2 S3 End6
Boon: Horn- When sounded all friendly models may make a free sprint action towards the horn’s bearer, limited by their agility.
Geas: Must not refuse a challenge.
Quest: Destroy the goblin hordes of the black waste.
Equipment: Cloak, Scramasax, Long Spear,Leather Jack.
Skills and traits: Warrior, Grappler, Polecraft, Arrogance.

Cruraminus (Fae Way Walker, 20pts)
W2 P3 C2 A3 S1 End5
Skills: Archery, Camouflage, Eagle Eyes
Equipment: Cloak, Silver Dagger, Short Bow, Belt, Pouch, Leather Jack

Gniloin (Gnome Domari, 22pts)
W3 P2 C2 A2 S3 End6
Equipment: Adze, Cauldron, Cloak, Lantern, Net, Scramasax, Short Staff, Tinder Box, Tool Set, Waterskin, Pouch, Belt, Pack, Targe (with strap), Padded Jerkin, Scale Mail, Helm with attached Baitit Reflector.
Skills: Attentive, Sage, Ambassador (Gnomes), Axecraft, Balance, Provident.

Oghwath (Cludbur, 14pts)
W3 P3 C2 A2 S1 End7
Equipment: Cloak, Scramasax, Short Bow, Sling, Short Staff, Tinder Box, Waterskin, Pouch, Belt,
Skills and traits: Camouflage, Herbalist, Horror of Bloodshed.

Teichaun (Cludbur, 14pts)
W2 P3 C3 A2 S1 End7
Equipment: Cloak, Lantern, Mattock, Sling, Scramasax, Tinder Box, Belt, Provisions.
Skills and traits: Light Fingers, Storyteller, Thief.

Balch (Cludbur, 14pts)
W2 P2 C3 A2 S2 End7
Equipment: Scramasax, Sling, Belt, Wood Shield with Strap, Short Spear, Provisions.
Skills and traits: Provident, Guide, Impetuous.

Swerthin (Cludbur, 14pts)
W2 P3 C3 A2 S1 End7
Equipment: Cloak, Lantern, Scramasax, Short Staff, Sling, Tinder Box, Pack, Short Bow,
Skills and traits: Herbalist, Swiftshot, Undisciplined.

Golden Goat (Inglenook Long Hair, 6pts)
W1 P1 C1 A3 S2 End3
Instinctive Behaviour: Charge
Impact: 3
Willing: Cludbur
Reluctant: All other folk (+3)
Although the Inglenook Long-Hair is an animal and may be under the control of a character it
does not revert to its Instinctive Behaviour if uncontrolled as is usual with animals. Instead if
its controlling character is slain then during its next activation it will attempt to Charge at the
model which dealt the fatal blow. On successive turns it remains under the control of the player
whose character was killed.

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