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The Antonian E-newsletter

March 2016

Dear Antonians
I hope you have all enjoyed reading the latest issue of The Antonian, our annual alumni magazine. You will find below in this E-Newsletter updated and new details of events, news and other information we could not feature in the magazine. 

We have what looks to be a record number of events taking place this year, do be sure to visit the events page on our website to see if one is scheduled near you. 

In this issue:  
We look forward to seeing many of you soon across the world at one of our forthcoming Alumni events. In the meantime, our social networking activities continue to grow. Why not find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up to date with College news and events as they happen?

David Parker
Development and Alumni Communications Officer

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Upcoming Antonian Events

Antonian Reception: 6 April - Toronto (Deadline for booking: April 1)
Please note: there are only a few places left

Antonian Evening: 8 April - Washington DC (Deadline for booking: April 3) 

Dinner at Busboys and Poets, followed by discussion on the Presidential elections by Thomas Friedman and Dr Faisal Devji. The discussion will be moderated by Margaret MacMillan. 

Antonian Event with Rosemary Foot: 8 April - Seoul
Invitations to follow shortly. Please contact David Parker for more information.

Rosemary Foot Lecture: 18 April - Tokyo
Rosemary Foot will be speaking on 'The Impact of China’s Resurgence on Transatlantic Relations' on Monday April 18. The Lecture will begin at 7pm, with a reception to follow afterwards.

St Antony's Boat Club Summer VIIIs Dinner: 28 May - Oxford

Antonian Reunion Latin America: 9 September - Lima 

Oxford Alumni Weekend: 16-18 September - Oxford
Meeting Minds: Alumni Weekend in Oxford

Antonian Dinner in Amsterdam: March 19 2016

Easter telephone fundraising campaign

In April the college will once again hold its annual telephone fundraising campaign. We will seek to get in touch with as many Antonians as possible. We would be grateful if you would consider taking the call from a current student. They would like to find out how you found your time at the college, discuss more generally how you have been since graduation, as well as to inform you of the college's current fundraising priorities with particular regard to the Antonian Fund and the Malcolm Deas Fund.

Antonian Fund Hilary Term Grants

The College is please to announce the total awarding of £26,608.97 from the Antonian Fund to current members of St Antony's during Hilary Term. Thirteen applicants received funding for projects that look to enhance life at St Antony's and for the creation of new academic initiatives. Grant winners include funding for eight seminars and workshops, as well as funding for the Football Club, the Boat Club and the new Squash Club. 

Fifty six travel and research grants were awarded also, which will enable current students to undertake fieldwork, conduct interviews and much more. 

For a full list of grant winners, please see our webpage here


St Antony's Boat Club 

St Antony's Boat Club (SABC) scored victories in the Torpids, building on their highly successful race season last year. The team had a combined total of twelve bumps, which as a net figure ranks SABC sixth among all the Oxford colleges. Additionally, the M2 boat won their blades by bumping every day of racing. The club's new website continues to expand; be sure to visit and re-live days of past racing. The Club also has an active presence on Facebook and Twitter.

The Club is always keen to reconnect with past members. The website has sections devoted to former rowers. In particular, there is a growing archive of past race photos sent in by former team members. Upcoming events are also being announced on the website, for example the post-Summer VIII's formal dinner.

For more information, please get in touch with the Club President, Devony Schmidt or the Club Secretary, Kristofer Hammarback



Antonian News

We regularly update our website with news from Antonians. For past news items, please see the page here. If you publish a new book, are appointed to a board or something else newsworthy, please do get in touch with our office and we will share it with the Antonian community. 

Of particular note was the TED Talk on Europe's response to refugees given by Alexander Betts (Development Studies, 2007) which received a standing ovation, as well as Bridget Kendell's (Modern Languages, 1980) appointment as the Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge. 

Lastly, Alan Gamlen (Dphil Geography 2010) was appointed Director of the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre and Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Adelaide in South Australia: “Roving Antonians: if you like sun, beaches, vineyards and olive groves, please visit!”


Latest Antonian publications

Thank you to all who have sent in details of their latest publications, the college really does enjoy hearing about your work. For a full list of past publications, please see here.

If you publish and would like the Antonian community to hear about it, please do get in touch with our office and we will make it known.

Latest Antonian Publications:

Agnia Grigas (International Relations, 2004): 'Beyond Crimea: The New Russian Empire'

Caroline Webb (Economics, 1995): 'How to Have a Good Day'

Florencia Lopez Boo (Economics, 2009): 'How is Child Care Quality Measured? A Toolkit'

Margaret MacMillan (History, 1968): 'History's People: Personalities and the Past'

Nina Hall (International Relations, 2012): 'Displacement, Development, and Climate Change: International organizations moving beyond their mandates'

Sanghamitra Choudhury (Current Agatha Harrison Post-Doctoral Fellow): 'Women and Conflict in India'

Steffen Hertog (Politics, 2006): 'Engineers of Jihad: The Curious Connection between Violent Extremism and Education'  (with Diego Gambetta)

The Antonian: Corrections and Clarifications
Occasionally, errors are made during the publication of our printed media. In the latest issue, two typographical mistakes were made: The college apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

Lost Alumni and Updates


St Antony's College tries to keep in touch with as many Antonians as possible, however we occasionally lose contact with some of our Alumni. Here is a "list of the Lost", ordered by year. These are all Antonians for whom we do not have an accurate address on file.

We would be very grateful if you know the whereabouts of anyone on the above list. Please email our Alumni Office with any information.

We would also like to ensure that we have the right contact details for you in the St Antony's Alumni database so we can send you The Antonian newsletter, invitations to events and news and activities from the college.

Please complete the Antonian Update Form on our website.


STAIR - Letter to Alumni


St Antony's International Review (STAIR) are looking to expand their subscriber base. Please find below a letter from Patrick Quinton-Brown, Managing Editor of the journal. 

STAIR is Oxford's journal of global affairs, a peer-reviewed, academic journal established in 2005 by graduate members of St Antony's College at the
University of Oxford.

Letter to Alumni of St Antony's College



For the complete series of St Antony's College podcasts, please visit this page.

Asian Studies Centre

The Geopolitics of Change in Burma:
Bertil Lintner (Independent Journalist and Author) speaks at the Southeast Asia Seminar on 20th January 2016.

The United States and the West did not change their policy of isolating Burma because of their concerns were primarily with the lack of democracy and human rights. It was "the China factor". Burma was becoming a vassal of China, which was seen as a threat to the status quo and regional stability. At the same time, Burma's military was also concerned about China's growing influence and realised that it has to reach out to the West to avoid being absorbed by Chinese political, economic and strategic interests. But in order to "woo the West" they also realised that they had to liberalise the country's rigid political system - but not in a way that would jeopardise their hold on power.

***For more Asian Studies Centre podcasts, visit this page***

European Studies Centre

What makes Poland special: Polish Nationalism in Comparative Context: Professor John Connelly (UC Berkeley) gives the 2016 Annual Kolakowski lecture for the Programme on Modern Poland. Chaired by Mikolaj Kunicki (St. Antony's College).

"It's often said that Polish nationalism involved extremes: that it was immoderate in its passions, sacrifices, and demands for territory; that it made excessive claims upon the individual Pole; that it was extravagantly short-sighted and parochial but also intensely concerned with the welfare of humankind. In direct contrast to nationalisms in Poland's neighborhood – Serb, Czech, Hungarian and others – I assess the truth of such claims, and ask where Poland fits in the New Europe. Just how strange is it really?" (Professor John Connelly)

***For more European Studies Centre podcasts, visit this page***

Middle East Centre

Britain and Palestine: Balfour to BlairLecture presented by Professor Avi Shlaim (Middle East Centre) and Richard Makepeace (Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies) at the Middle East Centre, St Antony's College on 19th February 2016.

***For more Middle East Centre podcasts, visit this page***


Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies

Redefining the community firm? The unionization of part-time workers in the retail industryArjan Keizer, Manchester Business School, gives a talk for the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies.

The rise in non-regular employment poses a major challenge to Japanese mainstream unions which have long limited organisation to regular employees as members of the firm community while non-regular workers were considered non- or quasi-members at best. However, several unions in retail, in particular those affiliated with the industry union UA Zensen, have successfully organised part-time workers to the extent that they now constitute the majority of members. The seminar discusses these initiatives by drawing on interviews with representatives of Rengo, UA Zensen and three affiliated enterprise unions at major supermarkets, and addresses the implications for both the position of part-time workers and the character of Japanese unions.
***For more Nissan Institute podcasts, visit this page***
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