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Jackie's update / Winter horseless workshop this weekend / Video coaching / Special offer
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Hello horse lovers,
I hope you are all keeping warm and managing to get a little horse time in whenever possible. I know juggling any productive horse time with the usual horse chores with such short days can be tricky - not to mention all the mud that is around.  I like to stay positive and progressive and think of ways of making the best of the situation.  So, what can we work on that will improve the relationship and strengthen the bond we have?  While I'm doing my chores, how can I involve my horse in some way to have it be productive time for both of us? 

When I first began the Parelli program, thanks to Pat Parelli, I had my eyes opened to how many different ways we could raise our standards.  Day to day interactions with our horses could become a teaching/learning opportunity.  He challenged us to always be thinking of how we could get things better and have our prey animal act like a willing partner in every situation.  He would ask "Can you pick up all four feet from one side by just clicking your finger and having your horse pick his feet up for you? Does your horse stand to be saddled without being tied? Does you horse stand still for you to mount and dismount?  Will he come up beside you to mount from a fence or mounting block?  Will your horse stand for you at liberty for you to take his rug on or off?  Does your horse stand patiently while tied for long periods of time?  Is your horse respectful at feed time?  As my abilities and savvy grew through following Pat's levels program, I realised so had my expectations.  Pat has a saying he uses "Expect a lot, accept a little and reward often"  and this is something you learn to do through experimentation and trial and error.  Yes, error!  You have to make mistakes to learn!  I'm sure you can all recall a situation where you used too much energy or maybe not enough and your horse gave you the feedback to teach you a lesson.  Pat says "I'm often pleased but never satisfied" and this is what I always think about when I'm developing a horses foundation.  Every time I'm doing something, I ask myself, how much better could that be? and then, how could I set that up for more success?  Do I need to be more effective in my phases or adjust my energy or wait longer.... the list goes on.  Horsemanship and the pursuit of excellence comes with HUGE benefits if you turn your frustrations in to fascination.  So I challenge you, what could you improve in your daily interactions with your horse.  We know that repetition is the mother of all skill and consistency is the best teacher, so while you are with your horse each day, even if it is in the dark and only to feed and muck out.... what little things could you be doing to raise your standards, to keep it fun and playful and to expect more from your partner while developing the kind of relationship most only dream about.  
Horseless Workshops this winter
22nd June - Natural riding dynamics - SPACES STILL AVAILABLE!

This workshop is a fantastic way to work on yourself in simulation with expert eyes on you without your horse having to put up with your learning process.  We will cover riding from basic one rein riding (Freestyle) - concentrated riding (Finesse) rein positions.  You will learn what to do in your body, when you use what rein position and how to be effective if it's not working. 

6th July - Imagination at Liberty 
20th July - Rider fluidity and posture
17th Aug - Learn to read a horse with Horsenalities explained
14th Sept - Free Introduction to Parelli presentation

Venue: West Melton Community Hall, State Highway 73, West Melton (except for Learning at Liberty workshop which will be held at the Chant Ranch as I will be demonstrating with Rocky)
Time: 10am - 1pm 
ONLY $55  Limited spaces available and bookings are essential so please make your online bookings today to ensure your place is secured. 

These workshops will include theory, dvd viewing, simulations and question and answer sessions.  This is the perfect way to keep progressing over the chilly months.  Click on the link button below for more information and bookings on my website.
Scheduled Winter Horseless Workshop info and bookings
Help spread the word
Please feel free to print off a Horseless Workshop poster (click link button below) to display in your local feed store or tack shop or even give to a friend or neighbour who might be interested.  Any help to advertise these workshops is much appreciated! 

Christchurch Horseless Workshops poster

Video coaching for long distance learning

If you are struggling to stay progressive, or can’t make it to a clinic with your horse but need that personal coaching one on one then I would like to offer you video coaching as a fantastic way to stay progressive and supported along your Parelli Natural Horsemanship journey. We all need someone who inspires us, who encourages us, who acknowledges our triumphs and who hold us accountable. With video coaching, I will guide you each step of the way, help you fast track your progress and achieve your horsemanship goals!

Here is what Chris from the Far North says about her Video coaching experience.
Video Coaching with Jackie has given me far more than I ever thought it would. 
The reason I started it, was because I live in the Far North, where we have very few clinics or physical support from any Parelli instructors due to the long distance and cost involved for them to get here. I was feeling stuck, and therefore becoming unmotivated in my natural horsemanship journey, preferring instead to just go out trail riding, and yet I desperately wanted to one day reach that high level of connection with my horse that we all dream about. My husband took a short DVD of me playing with my horse and I was shocked at how chaotic things had become, when Id actually thought they'd been pretty good! 
Jackie's feedback has been amazing. Very clear, concise, and supportive, breaking it all up into very manageable learning, where I actually see huge improvements from my horse within a short amount of time. 
My relationship and bond with my horse is just getting stronger and stronger, and my goals are getting higher, as I now feel they are completely attainable with Jackie's ongoing video coaching. 
I would definitely recommend it to anyone. 
Far North, New Zealand
Video coaching information and booking form

Video Coaching introductory offer

To help you through the winter months and bump you into action to get some help for the month of July only, take this special introductory offer for a chance to try video coaching for half the commitment and half the financial outlay.  To book please click on the link above and follow the booking instructions.
Cost: $200


This introductory offer support package includes:

  • 2x 10-15min video clips viewed (Recommend 4-6 weeks apart to stay progressive) 
  • 2x feedback emails including my observations and extensive customised lesson plans designed specifically for you and your horse based on the video footage. 
  • 1x 30 minute personal Skype or phone call Q&A session with Jackie, by appointment
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask by emailing me at 
There are '7 Keys to Success' that Pat Parelli teaches us.
  1. Attitude
  2. Knowledge
  3. Tools
  4. Techniques
  5. Time
  6. Imagination
  7. Support
Here is Cooper using the 6th Key having lots of fun in his racing car!  I look forward to seeing many of you at the up coming horseless workshops and if not there, hopefully by video coaching when you need help.  Lastly I'll leave you with a great quote from one of Pat's great mentors.
"Life has an interesting way of reshuffling your cards!"  Ronnie Willis

Stay warm and have fun keeping it natural,

Jackie Chant
4* Senior Licensed Parelli Professional
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