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Issue #10 - Nov 3rd, 2016
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Time to Cast Your Vote!

      November is here, and that means two things: the holiday season is around the corner and it’s time again to vote. This is a big year for cannabis, politically, with 5 states putting Adult Use Cannabis (California, Nevada, Arizona, Mass. and Maine) on the ballot and 4 states voting on Medicinal Cannabis (Montana, Florida, N. Dakota and Arkansas). As many of you may have seen on the recent 60 Minutes segment “The Pot Vote”, there was a quite a bit of non-scientific and anecdotal statements that were very narrow in their view on the legalization of cannabis. As we are so fond of saying, Cannabis is plant that is a part of a happy and healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there is big money backing the opposition. We are so proud of our affiliates over at the Denver Consulting Group for putting out a response that clarifies some of the misinformation (click here to read the article).

      Luckily we live in a time where we have access to the internet and can critically analyze the information we hear, and do the research. There needs to be more media coverage of the human aspect of legalizing cannabis. This plant helps people with a wide spectrum of diseases and ailments find relief where many other remedies and prescriptions could not. At City Sessions, we have seen so many people from all ages and backgrounds come to Colorado to see for themselves what cannabis is really about. All of our guests leave feeling enlightened and have a sound understanding of what this plant can do.

      The biggest problem we have seen so far is the lack of safe and comfortable places to consume. Here in Colorado, visitors that want to consume legally are finding it very hard to do so considering most hotels have a No Smoking policy and consumption is only allowed on private property. That is why we are urging Colorado residents to vote YES on 300, an initiative that would allow businesses to apply for a social use permit, with the neighborhoods' consent, so there would be places that people can go and consume socially. And for those in states that have cannabis on the ballot, please go out and vote to show your support of this incredible and miraculous plant!

      On a more technological note, our affiliates, PAX and The Clinic, have joined together to bring to market the best and smartest vape pens: the PAX Era and the PAX 3. The PAX 3 has three separate chambers for a full size oven, half size oven, and a new concentrates oven, as well as a quicker heat up. The PAX Era will take pre-filled pods of live resin from The Clinic, and are only sold in Colorado and California at the moment. One of our favorite features is the new PAX Vapor App that allows for precise temperature control, as well as the ability to lock the pen from your phone (great for parents). We Highly recommend you pick one up from the Clinic or LiveGreen and see for yourself just how amazing this pen really is!

     With the year winding down we are starting to vet new companies to enhance the City Sessions experience next year. While scoping out new brands, we came across Endo Canna, an extraction company that works mostly with butane extraction. It was great seeing their extraction process and learning more about about their niche in the Colorado market, as well as getting to kow their awesome staff. We also stopped in at The Herbal Cure, and the experience was exceptional! The staff was very welcoming, friendly, and well educated. They are very proud to say they are completely vertically integrated and grow all of their own product. Goldie ended up walking out with an eighth of some deliciously stinky Purple Cheddar and a Chem Dawg OG Joint. The bud was pungent, healthy and smoked very smoothly. We are looking forward to seeing more of what The Herbal Cure has to offer!

     This month we released our first video with Green Lion Partners, Highly Educated: A Lesson on Strains and Their Effects, were we shared with you the differences between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. We are so excited to be working with like minded people who want to educate the public on the truths about cannabis. Check out this week’s installment, Highly Educated: Yes on 300, where we share with you why we support Initiative 300!

     Please join in the conversation and share with us your questions and comments to our Facebook. You can also follow us on the following social media platforms:

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Thank you again for taking part in the Session!

Goldie Solodar #TheKnower
Sarah Foss #TheExpert

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