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Reduce Your Back/Neck Pains with Low-Pressure Aerobic Exercises!

Low-pressure aerobic activities can be very beneficial for helping back and neck pains. Aerobic exercises increase the flow of blood and nutrients to the back which will help support healing and can reduce stiffness in the back and neck. Low impact exercises are best for patients with back and neck pain. Results from low-pressure aerobics include:

  • Fewer episodes of back and neck pain
  • More likely to be able to carry on other activities after exercise
  • There is an increase in production of endorphins after 30-40 minutes of exercise; which can be the body’s natural painkiller, and reduce the patient’s reliance on pain medications.
  • Elevated mood, stress relief, symptoms of depression

Whichever type of low-pressure activity that you choose, make sure the exercise is vigorous enough to increase your heart rate and reach your target heart rate. All these exercises can help with that back and neck pain that is so hard to get rid of, and all the stress that comes along with it. If the pain persists please call and schedule an appointment so that it does not prolong anything that might be wrong.

Simple Everyday Exercises To Eliminate Your Pain!:

  • Walking, in general, is a great exercise. It is very gentle on the back and walking two or three miles three times a week can be very helpful for back and neck pain patients.
  • Biking or stationary biking can be very beneficial low impact exercise.
  • Elliptical or step machine. These machines are low impact workouts because you are using support and not stepping on a hard surface. The motion on the machines is smooth. 
  • Water therapy. Doing exercises in the water provides for minimal stress on the back because of the buoyancy of the water and gravity causing your back to feel more relaxed and not strained. 
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