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9/17/21 | 34/52

Watching everyone's documentary suggestions has been keeping me busy this week. Today I'm going to turn off the TV and silence my phone so I won't be too distracted as I try to make the most of this beautiful day.

which side

thoughts during the transition from asleep to awake on a rainy Sunday morning

I wish there was a place next door that sold breakfast sandwiches on this rainy Sunday morning.  It could be a food truck or a maybe a tiny newsstand. It definitely needs to be close so I can walk over in a light jacket and pajama pant, eyes still blurry, brought into focus by steaming black coffee. They should offer bottles of chocolate milk and have several different stacks of newspapers ready to be purchased and carried home folded under your arm.

I wish there was a place next door that sold delicious breakfast sandwiches. Don’t get me wrong, I love my neighbors so I’d like them to stay. I won’t even mind if the place called them something odd like sammies or sandos. I want them to be reasonably priced and ridiculously well put together with bright orange cheese and sharp flavorful hot sauce.

I wish there was a place next door that sold delightful breakfast sandwiches. I would also accept a cart with a small assortment of breakfast tacos, tightly wrapped in foil, ready to be devoured. A bagel spot would also be welcomed with open arms and audible cheers.

I wish there was a place next door that sold delectable breakfast sandwiches with bacon so crisp it shatters. I would also be perfectly fine having an ancient diner with a long counter that is kinda busy. By some miracle you can always find an open stool to squeeze yourself into. Giving you a front row seat to watch a haystack of hash browns get spread next to a row of browning pancakes and sizzling sausages on the flat top grill.

I wish there was a place next door that sold divine breakfast sandwiches. Sandwiches that people would wait in long lines for. I know that I’m capable of making a mean breakfast sandwich myself but I recognize the problem keeping my sandwiches from being outstanding. It’s restraint. One egg not two. Never enough butter on the bread. A pinch of salt and pepper when a generous pour is what’s called for. When I make breakfast tacos at home I only add one small piece of bacon not three. When my bagel pops out of the toaster I apply a good amount cream cheese but never the hockey puck sized dollop they put on at the bagel spot. Breakfast chefs aren’t watching my cholesterol. They’re just making sure I’m well fed and ready to take on the day.

Friend of the Week

This weeks friend is not an animal but still a great companion for the couch as the weather turns from hot to chill.  This weeks friend is a good blanket. A good blanket can be perfect for warming you up when the chill shakes the windows. It can create a larger lap for a cat to sit on. It's excellent for keeping you snug when you drift away to nap land. One of my favorite things is nudging my wife, pointing at the screen and nodding my approval, every time I see a nice blanket on a couch in the background of a movie or tv show. I love a good blanket!

If you would like your best animal associate to be featured email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

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