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Dear Friend,

God continues to show himself faithful and pour his blessings on us! Since our newsletter last month, we have been busy in ministry and in preparation for our pending move overseas. Our time has been filled with local church ministry, strengthening relationships with pastors from the UK, a trip to Texas, and attending two conferences here in Colorado.

Lisa & Chris CreeWe will be in Scotland soon!

We nearly have everything in place for our upcoming move to Scotland! If you’re new to our newsletter, you may not know that we are on our way to Scotland as missionaries. There was a delay on the part of the British government where our visas are concerned. But that hold up has been resolved and the process is now moving forward again, praise God! 

In fact, our visa applications were actually submitted to the British government earlier today!!!

That means things are going to start happening quickly for us. By this time next month, we expect to be moved to Scotland as we start seeing God’s call on our lives take shape.

On that topic, people often ask us how we know we’re called to be missionaries in Scotland. So we thought it would be good to share a little of our story with you. God spoke to both Lisa and I in different ways that connected with each of our hearts. 

This month we’ll share one of the many ways God spoke to me (Chris) personally. Next month we’ll share a little about how God spoke to Lisa about moving to Scotland and starting a Bible college campus there.

Call to Scotland

Creetown SignWelcome to Creetown, Scotland

The curriculum of Charis Bible College includes an overseas mission trip. The trip Lisa and I were assigned to in our second year went to England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Before we left we were praying with a good friend who said, “I feel like the Lord is saying you’re going home.”

I grew up in New York, and I thought that was a little weird. But I sure didn’t want to discount anything that God might be saying to me. So I put that info on the shelf and didn’t really think much about it.

Then at one point on our missions trip we were riding in the bus from where we ministered in Scotland over to catch the ferry across to our next stop in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Lisa noticed a sign for Creetown. Then driving a little further we crossed a bridge over the River Cree!

Lisa & Chris at the River CreeStanding at the River Cree

My family name is pretty uncommon here in the USA. I rarely run into anyone else with the Cree name except my direct relatives. So seeing that town and river carrying my family name was pretty impactful for me.

Then, once we were back in America after our trip, I got online and did some research to see where our family name comes from. Turns out my ancestor most likely immigrated from Scotland sometime in the early 1700s. The highest concentration of the family name Cree is there in Scotland just a bit North of where I was.

Turns out I was going home on that trip and didn’t even know it!

Next month we will share a bit of Lisa’s story about how God spoke to her heart specifically.

Ministry in Texas

Pastor Joe with VanWinkles and CreesWith Pastors Rich & Dorothy Van Winkle and Pastor Joe Ewen from Scotland

We traveled to Fort Worth to visit with The Shepard’s House Church. Pastor Dorothy and Rich VanWinkle were our hosts. It was a divine connection to Scotland as they introduced us to their guest Pastor Joe Ewen from Scotland. He serves as prophet to their church and was in Texas to meet with them.

It was an amazing time of teaching and prophecy and getting to know Pastor Joe. God made connections during that time for our future in Scotland.

With the Lubwamas and Van WinklesWith the Lubwamas and Van Winkles

We also had the wonderful opportunity to have dinner with our great friends the Lubwama family. Jeremy Lubwama was a classmate of ours at Charis Bible College and it was a special time of fellowship and reconnecting for all of us. At the same time we introduced them to the VanWinkle’s. God is always connecting His kids!

NewCREEations Nugget

The Kingdom of God has a system in place for people to see the same reward as missionaries do even when they cannot personally go on mission themselves. David put that in place even before he was crowned king of Israel and the Bible says that principle remains a statute and ordinance "until this day."

Stylized GlobeEveryone who supports a missionary gets a share in the missionary’s reward.

Jesus also said that everyone who has left their homes, families, or lands for the sake of the gospel will receive what they left back a hundredfold in this life.

When we pair that principle of David’s alongside that promise Jesus made we see how people can see a missionary’s reward even when they themselves can’t go.

By partnering with a ministry financially, you join their team. That makes something happen in the spiritual realm which entitles you to the same reward that missionary receives, and in the same measure the missionary receives it.

Click through the link below to get the full back story behind David’s principle of equal rewards and how that ties into the promise Jesus gave us in the Gospels.

How to See a Missionary’s Reward When You Can’t Go

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Financial Status and Partnership

This is a pivotal month for us. One month to go! You may remember that we are going as fully self-funded missionaries. The message of God’s unconditional love and grace is what we are taking to the people of Scotland. Like so many other places, it is desperately needed. The Bible school we will be opening will pay its own expenses, but not ours.

When missionaries are sent, money is a topic that always comes up. We think that God’s word bears out that those that fund also share in the eternal reward. Without getting to far “out there”, Jesus said, "Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you." -- Luke 6:38

We now have a car waiting on us in the UK! Thanks to a gift of a student moving from the UK to Colorado our initial transportation there is now covered. It is an automatic (rare in the United Kingdom compared to stick shift vehicles), which is exactly what Lisa was praying for! God’s goodness is covering every aspect of our adventure.

Here’s the scoop: About half of the $25,000 to move (for the visas, flights, rent deposits, furniture, etc..) and a little less than half of the monthly support need of $5,000 is covered. We are believing God for more monthly partners. Someone just told us yesterday afternoon they are going to start a monthly partnership. That blessed Lisa so much. Here is why: the monthly partners stabilize the budget and give us a sense of security. Knowing that friends support us is a big deal.

Since our careers have been computers and conferences, we aren’t quite sure how to “ask”, so this is it. Would you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly partner with us? We truly believe that God will bless you even more!


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God Is Filling In the Details

On the personal front the house we own in Savannah, GA is under contract and the sale is scheduled to close (complete) the second week in November. This is an answer to prayer and we are praising God for sending the buyers. As you can imagine, having this sorted before we leave the country is a huge blessing for us. If all goes as expected, we may very well be boarding our flight to Scotland the very next day after the sale!

We had an opportunity to share our journey and vision for Scotland at Dawn of Hope home church in Colorado Springs, Colorado with pastors Kim and Mark Harrison. Their church was so welcoming and we had a wonderful time of sharing what the Lord has but in our hearts. And this weekend we will be sharing with River Rock Church, also in Colorado Springs. We are grateful to Pastors Rick and Joann McFarland for the invitation!

Smokey in a boxSmokey thought getting in the box might help with our packing efforts.

The first week of October we attended the both the Sowers Seminar and Ministers Conference here in Woodland Park at the Woodland Park Charis Bible College campus. We were able to help host our good friends Ben and Amanda Conway and Richard and Jacqui Waller from Tree of Life Churches in London, England. We also hosted at our home our classmates Susan and Mitch Martin who came in for the ministers conference as well. As you can imagine, it was a super busy week!

Meanwhile in Scotland our team member James Joseph had an opportunity to spend some time in Charis Bible College Belfast (Northern Ireland) for their first week of school. We asked him to go on our behalf to see first-hand how getting the new school year started works. He was amazed as all the work that goes into running a college location and said "I'm ready to get started with you all."

This is so encouraging to have team members on the ground already paving the way for the college. James and Khandu are attending Andrew Wommock's Ministers Conference in Walsall, England as well. They are representing us and Charis Bible College Scotland while they are there.

As you can see, God is very busy working in and through us at NewCREEations. We are very much looking forward to sending you next month’s newsletter from Scotland instead of from Colorado!


Chris & Lisa Cree

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