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Original Send Date: September 17, 2013
Forsyth HOA & Homeowners 
Newsletter #3

We've done so much to raise awareness and the voices of our community regarding High Density, however, we need one BIG Final Push.

Making a difference is as easy as
     1 - 2 - 3 !

  "4 to 8" in "48"

Share the Stop High Density petition and get 4 to 8 people to sign in the next 48 hours

Tell them to go to: to sign and share

[We've just surpassed 4,900 signatures!  We still need more participation to meet our goal of 10,000]
  Get Involved!

Attend the BOC Meeting on Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Your attendance is critical to our cause
If you would like to speak out against High Density at the meeting, please let us know by clicking here. 

[we would like to provide you some talking points to incorporate into your personal message to the BOC]

Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting
County Administration Building,
110 E. Main Street, Suite 220, Cumming
Thursday, September 19th, 2013 @ 5pm

This is an important meeting as the Board of Commissioners (BOC) will vote on ZA3625 Ballantry High Density Zoning

  Be Heard!

Call and E-Mail All 5 Commissioners in the next two days let them know how you feel about High Density as it relates to:

  • School overcrowding and redistricting
  • Traffic congestion
  • Lack of sufficient recreation space per resident
  • Damage to environment
  • Reduced property values driven by overcrowding
  • Higher taxes driven by expensive infrastructure projects "after the fact"
  • Reconsidering how density is calculated by excluding non-buildable acreage
"Please be firm and direct yet respectful"

Get Social!
If you have friends in the following neighborhoods or in the Greater Forsyth County area, please forward this newsletter and urge them to follow the steps above.
Forward to Friend
Did you know?

Currently, yet approved zoning requests total over 2,000 new residences in Forsyth County!

Food for thought...

The following research findings shed light on why Lambert HS has dropped in academic ranking every year since it's opening. Notice that when South Forysth HS was relieved by Lambert in 2009, they climbed from their 69th spot in 2010 evey year to their current #8 ranking in 2013.      
Cliff's Notes - Impact on Learning in Overcrowded schools:
  • Students in overcrowded schools scored significantly lower on both math and reading exams than those in underutilized schools; 
  • Students interviewed felt that overcrowding makes it difficult for them to concentrate on lessons;
  • Teachers stated that overcrowding limited the amount of time teachers could spend on innovative teaching methods, limited them to struggle simply to maintain order, and increased the likelihood of burnout. 
  • In addition, the study found that overcrowding has "a direct and often severe impact on the logistics of the school day, forcing changes in schedules and making disruptions and noise part of normal operating procedure"
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