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Love animals? Run with your dog? Well then we have some exciting news for you! Later this fall we’ll be announcing a partnership with ResQwalk – a mobile app that will enable us to earn money for animal charities all across the country, just by running. Stay tuned for further details!


Sponsored Athletes 

RunJunkEes® sponsored athletes are a diverse group of runners from all over the Country and feature runners of all ability levels.  Our mission in sponsoring these athletes is to inspire, educate and motivate others.  While all of the athletes vary in their accomplishments, they all share a common mindset- Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude.

"[Some have asked] who we are, why we were chosen and how we are "better than" anyone else in the group. There is not one person in the Sponsored Athletes that feels they are above anyone in the group. We were each chosen because someone found us to be inspiring, just like we see everyday with each new post in RunJunkEes. We each have something going on in our journey that someone in the club is or has gone through at some point. Not all of us has battled weight issues, some have. Not all of us run at the front of the pack, some of us do. Not all of us have lost close personal family members, some did. Each person has a story and not one single person feels like our story is more important than anyone else's. We were chosen as ambassadors of RunJunkEes. We were chosen to help others find the magic in the misery and to share our journeys in return, we want you all to know that we are inspired by each of you as well and hope that you can find someone you can relate to, talk to and reach out as an equal to help promote this amazing family we have become here."

~Signed, the newbie, the BQ'er, the loner, the philanthropist, the mountain man, the OCR'er, the path runner, the Bridger, the admin and the bionic one.

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Amanda Ricciardi

Andrew Rose

Megan Caton

Matthew Rutledge


Mike Peragine

Addie Green

Rhonda Lee Foulds

Jay Rodriguez

Dave Amstutz

Ila Allen

RJ Trucker Hats Anyone?

Happenings Around The RunJunkEes World

Challenge yourself with the marathon or half-marathon, or take things a little slower with our new "Quarter Note" quarter marathon.

Our very own Melinda Howard is a Race Ambassador for this event.  $10 discount code:  MHMBM19

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5 Tips to Ease Into Fall Running
Don't ditch the outdoors for the treadmill just yet.
By:  Joe English


With the summer quickly coming to an end, runners will start to see the sun rising a little later and setting earlier. Outdoor workouts are suddenly feeling a little cooler, darker and maybe a bit damp. Is it time to start thinking about moving your workouts indoors?

Not so fast.

Fall still offers some great opportunities to get outside. So before you trade the running path for the treadmill, take advantage of the beauty fall has to offer with these five tips:

1. Stay outdoors as long as you can


Although the light is dimming and the weather is cooler, fall is a just a preview of what's to come. Soon it will likely be much darker and colder. Fall is a transitional season, so look at it that way. Remind yourself that cool, damp and dark might seem dreamy in a few short months, when the alternative is snow, wind or driving rain.  More...

Coach Bman's Two Cents

The Secret...

Some day you may slow down, but it is OK if you know the SECRET..

Years ago, I asked an elite runner who was older than me if it bothered him to run slower times in his advanced age. I noticed that people who would come in ahead of him were glorifying in the fact that they “beat him”. He told me that it did not bother him one bit, and that the mere fact that he could still run (at a great clip I might add) was pure joy. This guy figured out the SECRET to running: it is a lifetime activity that never gets old if you allow yourself some space and perhaps “slow down”.

I am in that same category as my next birthday will be 60. After many years of Personal Bests, my times have slowed dramatically. The funny thing is , I still love to run almost every day while striving for age related personal bests instead of lifetime bests. Where my marathon best was a 2:35, I take pleasure in trying to run sub 4 hours now. It still hurts just as much and still feels great when I am done. I found the SECRET and feel that it is valuable to pass on. Give yourself some slack, slow down (if you need to) and enjoy running for its great value. Running is freedom. Running is accomplishment. Running is a simple activity. And yes, running is fun.

We put the parameters on what an acceptable run is. My parameter has changed drastically over the years along with my times. I did however, find out the SECRET and have learned that it is OK to slow down. Keep it fun, keep it safe, keep it interesting, but most of all, keep going.

Plod on my friends.

Serving Warmth and Comfort

Brewing Complete.
Ready, Set, Go!

Meet the newest addition to our RunJunkEes Family....Hendrix Edward Rollins!!!!
Emily's next article will be getting back to running after baby.  It will be in the January 2016 Edition of the newsletter.


Pure Inspiration

Photo:  Jonathan Wilson (Fox Valley RunJunkEe Chapter).  His determination and kindness to all makes him one of our favorite runners.

Sweat Science


Sweat Science is a column about the science of training and fitness. With "what does the evidence show?" as his mantra, author Alex Hutchinson looks for the latest studies on all topics related to the science of fitness, ranging from neuroscience to nutrition, and takes a hard look at what they do (and don't) tell us about how to run faster or live longer.  More...

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2015 RJ Challenge Coin

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I never get sick of reading this.  Enjoy!

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