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A Proactive Sector in Challenging Times.

Since the year 2019, Lebanon has faced several hits such as the economic crisis, Covid-19 Pandemic, the August 4th explosion of Beirut Port, and the ill fate of the Lebanese Lira. 
Despite these challenges, the Lebanese people showed a will to cope with ongoing crises. As the main purpose of the LMFA members is to stand by their people, they have been relentlessly working on ways to support their clients on several levels. 

Financially, some of the LMFA members kept their dollar rate for loans at 1520 L.L, as the official 1500L.L rate has been progressively regressing. In addition, some of the micro-finance institutions rescheduled the loan dates of their clients.

Apart from the financial solutions, certain MFIs offered trainings for the farmers in rural areas, or delivered food supply packages to the underprivileged. Some MFIs provided job opportunities, and others launched donation campaigns rebuild the damage caused by August 4th explosion. 
These measures are driven by the immutable and embedded values of the sectotr, and by its social mission that ensure an everlasting effort to create change and progress. 

Ola Hariri, LMFA Program Manager.

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ADR’s current projects during mid of 2020

ADR’s current new project activities during the second half of 2020, are briefed within its Micro-credit, Agriculture, and Vocational Training Programs:
Within the Microcredit program, ADR is implementing activities within the LIFE project funded by USAID and led by Palladium under the title “ ADR Transitional Digitized Micro-Credit Program Operations” with a direct objective to enhance the ability to better serve, manage, and monitor the portfolio of ADR’s micro-credit program in a reliable and efficient way by transforming to high-tech software communicative systems and working IT tools. The project consists of offering hardware IT equipment and creating a new digitized software system for the whole micro-credit operation, in addition to training the staff on the interface usage of the software in office and on field... >> READ MORE

AEP Food Aid Support

After carrying out a thorough assessment of the needs in Beirut area and all other regions where AEP activity is maintained, and as a result of the tragic explosion that hit the country on the 4th of August 2020, which has significantly impacted the local economy, and pushed vulnerable Lebanese people further into poverty and hunger, AEP have identified food supply as the most urgent need among families...  >> READ MORE 

Almajmoua: Supporting vulnerable persons
who lost their livelihoods

Supporting vulnerable persons who lost their livelihoods through supporting targeted MSMEs/cooperative that respects COVID 19 response protective guidelines to increase their productivity and capacity for local produce in sectors needing during this crisis... >> READ MORE 

The steps & activities Emkan embarked on during the year 2020:

“The distressed socio-economic & financial challenges that have prevailed in the country since mid 2019 to-date, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitated EMKAN management over the past year to focus primarily on extending all feasible support to Emkan clients all over the country. This has been accomplished through unprecedentedly allowing loan rescheduling, through modifying the monthly installments and/or shifting the loan schedule to suite the clients’ changed repayment capacities; offering interest rate discounts for early loan settlements or partial prepayments; and accepting the USD loan repayments at the LBP1520 official rate as supported by Bankmed... >> READ MORE


Darb el Najah” is a follow on grant to “Back on the Map” EDF’s previous grant building on successes, lessons learned, and leveraging the relationships built during the first grant. Its design and components are in synergy with LIFE’s vision of Revitalization Hub initiative. This initiative, Quasi- Hub, is created in some vulnerable peri-urban areas in Lebanon in order to provide the most... >> READ MORE

IBDAA: 2020 was a challenging year for Lebanon

 As a country and people, starting with October 2019 revolution, to the economic inflation and devaluation of the Lebanese currency, arriving to COVID-19 and its consequences, ending by August nightmare, Port blast in August 4. All year long, we, as Ibdaa microfinance, were there to understand clients’ economic and social situation, and working on providing their funding needs through loans...

                                  >> READ MORE 

Makhzoumi Foundation: International Entrepreneurship!

The corona virus outbreak forced a lot of changes on all our lives aspects, and obliged us to put on hold different plans. Despite the covid-19 crisis, Makhzoumi foundation and its partner Positive Planet International managed to continue their efforts to support entrepreneurship in Lebanon, especially with the hard economic circumstances we’re passing through..

                                                                                                          >> READ MORE 

Vitas Lebanon to provide support 

“Li Beirut” is a charitable initiative launched by Vitas Lebanon to provide support to the victims of the August 2020 explosion, with the aim of restoring hope and restoring Beirut. Vitas Lebanon is a longstanding provider of microfinance services to under-privileged and vulnerable segments of the Lebanese population, particularly women, youth, and rural areas, and is committed to its role within this community as a catalyst of positive long-lasting change.

                                                                                                           >> READ MORE 
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