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Through multiple initiatives backed up by updated researches and studies, and supported by collaborations with multiple partners and stakeholders, The Lebanese Micro- Finance Association and its members have continued to exhibit resilience against the conditions, and proved a relentless will to support their clients in facing the crisis for which the solution is still indeterminable.

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The Lebanese Microfinance Association “LMFA”
received the third consecutive grant from the LIFE-USAID program, which was signed by Dr. Yousef el Khalil “President of the LMFA” and David Holdridge “Chief of Party- LIFE-USAID” on the 6th of October 2020. 

The new grant will support the promotion of the new technology toward a new paradigm of delivering inclusive and comprehensive financial and non-financial services to the vulnerable communities and entrepreneurs. 

The Impact of Economic and COVID-19 Crises on Microcredit Borrowers

During Covid-19 times, LMFA is doing its roundtables online with the support of its 9 members and its partner USAID – Funded LIFE Project. The last virtual roundtable discussed the Impact of Economic and COVID-19 Crises on Microcredit Borrowers study that is funded by CGAP and performed by CRI Lebanon, reflecting the analytical understanding of the repercussions of the crisis on the MFIs beneficiaries and their coping mechanisms. Check the link to the website to read the details of this study.

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The situation
was truly exceptional

Despite all the tragedies the country has been through during its history, AEP has always stood by her borrowers, making an ardent effort to remain true to its mission. However last year was like no other; the situation was truly exceptional. The country faced a multifaceted crisis: the Thawra/revolution, the pandemic, the August 4th blast and the Oct/2019 monetary crisis significantly impacting AEP and its borrowers...


Al Majmoua Initiative – Aleb Project 2021  

It was natural that the successive financial and health crises in Lebanon, in addition to the most prominent event – the Beirut explosion, have a grave impact on most Lebanese individuals, but the greatest impact was on the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon, who are low-income small-business owners and workers.  >> READ MORE 

Businesses, Productivity and Continuity in it

The executive Director of the Entrepreneurial Development Foundation Mrs. Afaf Nehme, and the Director of the Bekaa Region in the USAID funded LIFE project Mr. Charbel Matar, visited the owners of small projects who underwent training to assess businesses, productivity and continuity in it. Their visit was in cooperation with the Federation of Municipalities of Deir Al-Ahmar Villages, the Municipality of Ras Baalbek, the Municipality of Al-Qaa and the Municipality of Arsal.

Saida, the historic City of Lebanon

A meeting in Saida, the historic City of Lebanon, was held between the teams of lmfa and the USAID Tourism Ambassador South Hub to discuss the challenges that entrepreneurs in Saida are facing during the multifaceted crisis, with a consideration of all the opportunities that may arise to support the microenterprises and small business fields.

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 During the last quarter of 2020 IBDAA kept on supporting its community, people who no more have access to bank credit, youth and women who are able to sustain their business, small business owners who need to relaunch their projects, especially after the Beirut Blast.

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Dina: Small Business Owner

I took my first loan from Makhzoumi Foundation in 2013. Then I kept improving my small business and renewing my loan. Today, because of Covid-19, my small business is in danger. We have been on lockdown for 3 times and we lost our profit. The situation is awful. We hope that the economic crisis resolves soon.

At present, to solve this problem, I am working through online platforms. I started teaching kids art and hand craft classes.

The Aforementioned Dilemma

The events that transpired during the course of the last year or more had an unparalleled negative impact on enterprise and small business owners in Lebanon, their income, standard of living, and most importantly their financial sustainability and stability. More to the point, individuals who were once significantly vulnerable, became increasingly more prone to suffer from the consequences of socio-economic developments from the last quarter of 2019 to date.

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The Empowerment of 15 MSMEs in Tripoli

Moving from the South of Lebanon to its North, LMFA met with the North HUB – BAB RIZK – Phase two- Tripoli team to discuss several interventions towards the empowerment of 15 MSMEs in Tripoli, that are specialized in fields such as green energy, telecommunication, data management, and targeting youth as a major force behind the growth of future businesses.

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