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Dear <<First Name>>!

At last! “Honor, Shame and the Gospel” is now available. 

You’ll recall that over the past many months, I’ve been sharing with you about a chapter I've contributed to this book. I’m excited to share the fruit of this effort with you.

“In this single volume, God has brought together some of the world’s brightest cross-cultural gospel communicators and thinkers to share the wisdom they have gleaned about worldview and how it is influenced by guilt, shame, and fear. With this knowledge, missionaries are much better equipped for incarnational ministry than they were a few decades ago.”
— Roland Muller, WEC International, author of “Honor and Shame: Unlocking the Door”

The 14 co-authors have been my teachers, colleagues, “go to” writers, and with a couple of them, fellow sojourners for the last quarter century! I’m incredibly blessed to be included alongside such faithful authors. Together, we cover what the honor-shame Gospel looks like in a wide variety of contexts: Syrians displaced by war, adults with limited formal education, Muslim women, and my contribution of city-based ministry. Check out this description from Amazon’s “Look Inside” page…

Steve Hong: “Sharing God’s love in an Urban, Pluralist Context.” The practices of vulnerability, listening, creativity, inclusion — and intentionally dignifying others—lead to deep relationships with secular moderns. They awaken to the gospel of the kingdom whose King is Jesus.”

This book has the potential to hugely expand the reach of Kingdom Rice by increasing our “street cred”. The collective authorship will bring our message further than anything I could have done solo. The book has already broken the top #100 among Christian Theological Anthropology books and has the potential to become required reading in seminary classrooms. I’m deeply moved that the wisdom from the field shows how an honor-shame narrative can so poignantly bring salvation to marginalized people around the world. 

Honoring non-Christian colleagues in my chapter was a healthy challenge. How could I honor them without compromising my message to the predominantly Christian audience? To meet the challenge, I invited Reverend Alyson Jacks of San Francisco’s Unitarian Universalist Church to review my chapter, especially since she is featured in the chapter! What good is equipping others if I don’t practice what I preach?

“Honor, Shame and the Gospel” marks a major step forward because it beautifully fuses scholarship and application in a diversity of contexts. I share the journey of writing here along with the table of contents. Please further the vision of Kingdom Rice by purchasing a copy today (and writing a review on Amazon :) ). It’s available in paperback for $17.99 and on Kindle for $9.99
. All royalties go back to Kingdom Rice. Also consider a tax-deductible investment. God provides through people like you!

As we approach Thanksgiving, I am moved and grateful for you and your participation in this journey.      Love, Steve

P.S. Picture of me biking through streets named after SF’s literary greats

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