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Here's some good news! A patient that I have been treating over the phone for the past 1-2 weeks and who has responded well to homeopathy just tested positive for COVID-19. The main remedy was Senega 200C. I have verbal confirmation and I will wait for a written copy of the report before publishing the case in a homeopathic journal. 

This means two important things: Senega may help if you have COVID-19 symptoms and it may help as a preventive. From the very first newsletter some of you have asked if Senega 200C can be used as a preventive. I couldn't answer that question because without testing, I didn't know what I was treating. Well, it is only one case but desperate times call for desperate measures so I am willing to say that Senega 200C can be used as a preventive.  This does NOT mean that Senega confers immunity like a standard vaccine. It does NOT mean that if you took Senega as a preventive, you would have antibodies to the COVID-19 virus. It means that taking Senega as a preventive may reduce the likelihood of getting sick from the COVID-19 virus by a biological mechanism we don't yet understand. It does NOT mean that you don't have to social distance, mask, glove and wash hands! The dose would be one dose a week for the next several weeks. The dose can be either a dry dose or a plussed dose. If you have already recovered from COVID-19, you don't need to use Senega as a preventive. 

I think the list of possible remedies presented in the last newsletter is still valid and people should start with Gelsemium 200C at the first sign of the flu-like feeling . If after 1-2 days of Gelsemium, there is no improvement, no reduction of the fever, they should move onto Senega 200C. If you are at all concerned please call me. I unfortunately have one patient in the hospital. She has been there several days now but luckily she is not on a ventilator. She is positive for COVID-19 as well. She was sick at home for 10 days without calling me for help. Please don't do that.

I would also like to give some information about the chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine treatment. As you may know these drugs have been around for many years for the treatment of malaria and lupus, respectively. Most people think  that somehow these drugs kill the virus. They actually don't. They make it easier for zinc to enter the cell membrane of the host and disrupt the reproduction of the virus within the host cell. Here is a You Tube video about the molecular biology of COVID-19 and the role of zinc. So you can see that there is no direct killing of the virus from these drugs, rather they act as ionophores making it easier for zinc to enter the infected cell and disrupt the reproduction of the virus..

That presentation also revealed that taking zinc without the addition of  the drugs might also be helpful. In this sense zinc is a preventive as well. So how much zinc? Well, ideally you would want to take a liposomal form of zinc in which the zinc is wrapped around a layer of lipid for better absorption. I cannot find any reliable sources for such a form of zinc on the internet. The next best thing is to take zinc in the usual form. "How much should I take?" will be your next question and here is the answer from an authoritative source, The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. The recommended daily allowance of zinc for adults is between 8-11 mg. per day. You don't want to overdo it with zinc because too much zinc can induce a copper deficit. However, as a preventive measure adults can take 25 mg - 50 mg per day. If you have COVID-19 symptoms then take your remedy and take 50 mg-100 mg of zinc for the duration of your symptoms. Once you have recovered, you can stop the zinc. Many of you may be taking a multi-vitamin and mineral preparation already. Read the ingredient list and buy some additional zinc such that your daily intake of zinc is in 25 mg - 50 mg range. Once the pandemic subsides, you can return to your usual zinc supplementation schedule if you had one. What brand? What type? At this point it really doesn't matter. Buy what you can get online. Just buy zinc alone, not combine with other ingredients. Stay within the dosage guidelines mentioned above. PLEASE do not contact me about what zinc to buy. I am already overwhelmed with COVID-19 calls as it is. Just stay within the recommended guidelines and you'll be fine.  Refer to the Linus Pauling Institute  site for dietary sources of zinc and try to consume some of those foods as well.


On a personal note many of you have asked how I am doing, how my family is doing. We are all fine. My son moved up from Brooklyn to be with us so our food bill has gone through the roof. My wife is still recovering from her knee surgery in January. The poor woman has been house-bound since her injury in January so visits to the physical therapist and to the supermarket are big outings for her. She is my only hands-on osteopathic patient these days. I keep myself busy answering your calls, communicating with homeopathic and allopathic colleagues and filing out forms for the various financial support programs. I have started my spring yard work routine. This is an ongoing 15 year experiment to grow a decent lawn in southern Connecticut without a sprinkler system or toxic chemicals. No, the answer is not zinc! I'll let you know when I have cracked that mystery. 


Stay Home and Stay Well,

Dr. M

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