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Testing, testing testing. That's what you're gonna be hearing a lot about in the coming weeks because without testing, we won't really be able to safely reopen. There are two basic types of tests for COVID-19. The diagnostic or nasal swab test which measures the amount of the virus in your body at the moment you are tested. It is also called a nucleic acid test because it is an assay of the viral RNA in your body which is amplified many times so it can be measured. The other test is an antibody test which measures the presence of certain blood proteins which are made by your immune system in response to an infection, in this case COVID-19. This type of test can tell you if you have been exposed to the virus and have formed an immune response to it.  The exposure could have been weeks or months ago and the antibodies will still be in your blood.

Here's where the trouble begins. Normally, the FDA approves these tests. In other words, they test the tests. However, what the FDA is now doing is "authorizing" the emergency use of these antibody tests which means they just review the company's internal validation methods. Out of the more than 50 companies out there now producing antibody tests for COVID-19, the FDA has authorized the emergency use of only a handful of these tests. It is "the wild west" out there these days when it comes to testing. Of the antibody tests out there there are two types. The quick, in-office test, similar to a rapid strep test that doctors use in their offices and requires a finger prick to draw a drop of blood. This is a yes or no test. You either have the IgM or IgG antibodies or you don't. The other version, which I prefer, requires a visit to a lab where the phlebotomist draws blood from your arm. This type of antibody test can tell you the amount (titre) and type of antibodies that you have. I prefer this version because in the near future, it will be important to know how much antibody you have and because you will receive a written report from an approved lab like Quest or Lab Corp. or BioReference. 


So far, its seems as if Roche will deliver a good test that is both highly specific and sensitive and I will let you know which are the best tests to get as soon as they are available. I encourage all of you to get an antibody test because soon somebody in government will have to make a decision about the minimum antibody levels needed to safely venture out again. I will also be asking all of you to send me your results if you get them done at other doctors' offices because I am submitting all my treated cases to an anonymous homeopathic database . It is important to document that homeopathy can treat mild to moderate cases of COVID-19 and prevent hospitalizations. We are not done with this pandemic yet and we need all the information we can get our hands on!


New COVID-19 cases have slowed in New York State and for me too so it is now time to change the dosing schedule of the preventive remedy. Now take Senega 200C once every 2-3 weeks as a preventive. It is still important to have the other remedies on hand and to buy the travel kit previously recommended. Many of you have not. That is a big mistake. I know that they are back ordered but please put your name on the list. The kit may seem expensive but the remedies do not expire, despite what it may say on the label. This pandemic will be here for at least another 18-24 months in some form or another and the needed remedies may shift over time. Also, nobody knows for sure if the presence of antibodies will be protective. I assume that they will be because that's how 99% of all other infections work but this is a strange virus and predicting the future relative to it is a fool's errand.

I hope to open the office as soon as I can be tested or as soon as public transportation becomes safe. Meanwhile, you can schedule a video telemedicine session or a phone session on my website or by calling the office and leaving a message for Deborah. The telemedicine session requires a computer with a camera and microphone or a smart phone. During the NYC office closure, I will see NYC patients at my Connecticut home office. Please call the office for details. 


'Till we meet again, stay safe.
Dr. M




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